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How to Design a Stunning Kitchen with Calacatta Marble Countertops

If you want to design a stunning kitchen, you can achieve wonderful results by having a Calacatta marble countertop as a focal point. Although the process of remodeling a kitchen can be time-consuming, you can simplify the process by considering a few things during the shopping and design process.

Calacatta Slab Characteristics

In order to wow everyone with Calacatta countertops, you’ll need to pick an authentic Calacatta slab. When shopping for this type of marble, ensure that the materials that you’re planning to purchase are sourced from Italy. The search for an ideal slab won’t be easy since Calacatta is a very rare material.

When you find a piece of Calacatta, inspect its characteristics carefully. The most stunning marble slabs have a variety of white and gray color tones. However, there is usually more white elements than gray tones on the marble slab.

Stunning Calacatta marble also has dramatic veining that emphasizes its gray and white effects. The layout of these veins stands out because the thick lines create unique patterns that pop. In some cases, the veins on a Calacatta piece of marble will have light gold and brown undertones.

Flooring Options That Highlight the Marble Counters

A gorgeous kitchen floor can help enhance the entire room and affect the room’s design scheme. The floor you choose should match with your countertops, appliances and cabinets. If you want to upgrade your flooring in order to create a more stylish foundation for the marble countertops, you may want to consider one of the following tile flooring options:

  • Marble: Marble is a suitable option if you pick a color that doesn’t clash with the color of your marble counters. If possible, pick a marble floor color that’s lighter or darker than the color of the marble counters. By choosing a unique color you can design a space that pops and ensure that each aspect of the kitchen goes well with one another.
  • Ceramic: A ceramic floor can provide style and support underneath your counters. This type of flooring very durable and does extremely well in high traffic areas, such as the kitchen.
  • Terrazzo: If you want shiny flooring that will highlight a marble counter’s sheen, terrazzo is a practical and decorative option. Terrazzo will blend nicely in an area that has light or dark marble counters since the material is made from various pieces of marble that are set in concrete.
  • Slate: With slate flooring you don’t need to worry about possible scratches or damages. This flooring is very durable and can add an earthy vibe to your kitchen.
  • Granite: Since granite is formed from igneous rocks, it has very distinctive qualities. Granite tiles are designed in a variety of colors with different vein and speck patterns, so the process of matching marble cabinets with granite tiles isn’t a hassle.
  • Travertine: Travertine is a flooring material with crystallized elements. Although this type of flooring is stylish, it’s not the best option for a kitchen that has heavy traffic since it can easily stain and scratch.
  • Limestone: Limestone is another type of tile that’s available in dark and light shades. However, since the surfaces scratch easily, it’s not an ideal choice for a busy cooking environment.

How Marble Counters Can Make an Average Space Elegant

After you have upgraded the floors, you start looking for marble countertops. No matter what type of marble countertop you select, it will make your kitchen a more elegant area due to these qualities:

  • A practical surface: When you get a marble countertop, the surfaces will be porous. However, you can seal the porous areas by applying a sealant. After the sealant sets, you can serve drinks on the counters without any risks. If something spills on the marble, the sealant will keep moisture away from the pores on the material so that you can easily wipe up the liquid.
  • Mild color tones: A kitchen is stunning when it has designer pieces that blend well in an overall design scheme. Since marble slabs feature earthy tones, they don’t clash with general décor. This means you can make the space pop by arranging colorful flowers in a glass vase on the counter, or you could create a focal point on a counter by lining up several designer jars in the center of the slab.
  • Soft patterns: Marble counters stand out near cabinets because the veins in the natural stone have soft patterns that complement the cabinets. If you have a display cabinet, you could arrange the dishes over the marble counters so that people will notice your island and the dishes upon stepping into the space.
  • Heat-resistant: When you’re cooking you can place food on marble counters without worrying about damaging the natural stone. If you put a hot pot on a marble surface, the material will handle the heat because the finish is heat-resistant. This characteristic is great if you’re an avid baker because you don’t need to worry at all about a hot dessert running the texture or color of your countertop.

Why Calacatta Marble is Desirable and Pricey

Calacatta is a very popular type of marble because it’s only sold in select stores. When compared to Carrara, a Calacatta marble countertop is a rarer option. If you step into a store and request Carrara marble, you’ll most likely be able to buy it at a reasonable price. However, since Calacatta is a luxury stone, it’s much more difficult to find. Therefore, when retailers offer Calacatta marble it’s usually very pricey due to its exclusiveness.

The overall price of a Calacatta slab varies depending on its patterns and colors. If a marble slab has a lot of veins on it, a supplier will set a reasonable price for the material. Often, the most expensive Calacatta slabs are the ones with the extravagant and original veins.

Calacatta marble isn’t only desirable for its appearance. It’s also trending because it’s very functional for cooking and baking since it’s heat resistant and doesn’t absorb liquids. This type of marble is the perfect fit for a kitchen. It can dramatically enhance your kitchen and make it quickly go from ordinary to gorgeous.


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