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Don’t Leave a Mess: Tips for Cleaning Your Home Before Moving Out

Picture the scene. You walk into your new home, ready to start unpacking. Only you can’t.

The floor needs to be swept and you don’t want to think about the gunk in the fridge. Most kitchen drains boast 567,845 bacteria per square inch.

You can’t get rid of them all. But you can make your home safer for the next occupants.

Cleaning your house when you’re moving out doesn’t have to be hard. Read on to learn our best tips!

General Cleaning Tips

Start at the top of a room and work your way down. It’s easy to dislodge dust or dirt when you clean shelves or light fittings.

Cleaning them first means you sweep up that dirt when you clean the floor. Otherwise, you risk having to clean twice!

Fill any holes from screws or nails with putty. Fix damaged light fittings or curtain rails.

Are your floors linoleum, tile, or wood? Vacuum the edges of the floors but sweep the center of the room. Not all vacuum cleaners work well on hard floors.

Invest in steam cleaning for carpets. Vacuuming will shift dirt but not bacteria.

If this seems like too big a job, research moving out cleaning services. You can learn more about what they offer.

Working on the Kitchen

Clean the fridge before you move out. Pull out the drawers and shelves. Warm water and soap will be enough to clean those.

Mix together equal parts of white vinegar and water. Use the solution to clean the inside of the fridge. Once the shelves are dry, pop them back in the fridge.

A homemade concoction of baking soda and vinegar will clean up any stains on the stove.

Start off with baking soda in a bowl. Mix in a few drops of vinegar until it forms a paste. Leave it on the surfaces for 15 minutes before scrubbing the stove.

Use the same paste using vinegar and baking soda to clean the inside of the oven. That includes the racks, shelves, or drip pans.

Found any sticky spots on the wall? Put some fabric softener on a sponge. Rub it on the sticky spot to remove it.

Remember to clean cabinets and drawers both inside and out.

Get the Bathroom Sparkling

Use a water and vinegar solution to clean bathroom cabinets and sinks. Vinegar is a great way to get a streak-free finish on bathroom mirrors or shower doors.

You can even use undiluted vinegar as an alternative to bleach to clean the toilet.

Rub a lemon over any metal surfaces to make them sparkle.

Scrub down the bathtub or shower to remove old soap scum. The baking soda and vinegar mixture from the kitchen will eat through any soap stains.

Remember to clean shelves, window sills, and other surfaces.

Clean the House After Moving Out

It’s much easier to clean the house after moving out. You won’t have to clean around furniture or boxes. And you can clean up any dirt left when you moved out.

This guide doesn’t cover home maintenance. So why not check out our guide to common maintenance issues you might face in an older home?


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