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Essential Items For A Luxury Garden In Estate Homes

Gorgeous garden

With modern residential developments abandoning the addition of gardens, when compared to traditional homes, knowing the essentials for a luxury garden can be difficult. The vast gardens of an estate home are challenging to keep pristine without the help of a professional gardener, but knowing what you like and what constitutes as ‘luxury,’ is the best way to ensure that your garden has the essentials that you can enjoy on a day-to-day basis. To help you, we’ve put together a definitive guide to essential items that your estate home’s luxury garden requires to keep it looking beautiful.

Teak Garden Furniture

Knowing the style and wood-cut of the garden furniture that you require for your estate home garden is essential. High-quality teak garden furniture can help to provide a luxury feel to your garden that is long-lasting enough that even the National Trust uses this particular material. Teak furniture is one of the most durable and stylish options that you can choose from and can be designed and purchased in a vast range of different styles.

From teak garden tables to teak tree benches, you can buy a matching furniture set for every focal point in your garden. In addition to having a luxurious feel, teak garden furniture is often sourced using sustainable methods, meaning you can benefit from its durability and eco-friendliness.

Watering Systems

Keeping a luxury garden well-maintained is imperative, and watering systems can help to ensure that your garden remains as pristine as possible. There are a considerable number of watering systems on the market to choose from, including eco-friendly water harvesting irrigation systems to automatic large-zone automatic watering systems, ideal for estate gardens. These water systems can be customized to each garden’s particular landscaping, and can also be fitted with a rain sensor to ensure that the pump is only activated when it needs to be.

Water Features

A luxurious estate home garden is not complete without the addition of a water feature. Whether you choose a fully-fledged fountain or a smaller, delicate water cascade, there are a broad number of options to select. Whether you have a modern or traditional taste, you will be able to find a water feature available to suit your specific requirements. Romanesque fountains tend to be popular in estate homes, as do cascade waterfall systems, as these create a beautiful aesthetic to gardens.

The Renaissance period promoted a resurgence in the classical world, with many estate homes implementing cascades, with fountains featuring mythological statues and grottoes into their garden areas. Steam-powered pumps have helped to allow fountains to be even more captivating than they once were, and contemporary designs have enabled the implementation of music and lights where required. Now, water features are deemed to be a finishing touch for estate gardens, enhancing the dynamism and royal splendor of estate homes.

Barbecues & Fireballs

Barbecues are essential in the summer, and if you’re looking for something a little more outrageous yet equally as luxurious, then a fireball could be a great addition. There is a broad range of barbecues and fireballs on the market that can allow you to entertain your guests in style while providing delicious foods. Whether you’re cooking the barbecue food yourself in the summer, or you’re hiring a personal chef to perfect the flavor and texture of your food, having an up-to-date barbecue system is vital.

Fireballs, on the other hand, are not designed solely to be used in the summer. Fireballs can be created in a range of different patterns to add a beautiful focal point to your garden. These are stylish and easy to clean and can help to create a real statement in your garden while helping to keep guests warm in the colder months.

Entertainment Features

Having a speaker system & DPL lighting allows you to play music and party outside in all weather and can help to keep your guests entertained if you’re prone to hosting an event. Alternatively, you can consider the addition of a hot-tub in a particular area of your garden for your personal use, particularly in the colder, winter months. Another aspect to consider if you plan on using your garden to host parties and get-togethers is to ensure that you have the right furniture to create a relaxation zone, helping to keep your garden both luxurious and practical.

You may also want to think about a marquee from for your bigger parties and events. A marquee can help to create a spectacular ambiance that will accentuate your garden party.

Plants, Trees & Flowers

With the assistance of a landscape architect, you may find a new way to bring your estate home garden to life. If you are interested in an eclectic design to create a theatrical experience within your garden the type of plants, trees and flowers that you choose can have a huge impact. You can highlight specific features in your garden, such as cascades, lagoons, orchid gardens and more, or implement a select number of colors and styles to keep your entire garden symmetrical.

If you’re obsessed with making your home look as luxurious as possible, why not try making your garden look unique as well? These corner sheds look very fashionable and saves a lot of space. Your estate home garden is where your personality should shine through. Keep in mind the different seasons – if you’re a lover of autumn, you may want to implement plants and trees that evolve into a kaleidoscope of red, orange and yellow foliage in the colder months.


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