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Renovations to Increase the Value of Your Home

When selling off a home, the top priority of an owner is to always benefit from the best possible resale value. With a generous budget and proper renovations, you could even increase the value of your home until it is considered a luxury property. But in this article, we are going to focus on what can you do by spending some extra bucks.

If the property is an old one and has been lived in, there are chances that it has lost its previous charm. Therefore, prior to showcasing such a property for sale or rent, the owner should spend some time to remodel and improve it with some renovations throughout the entire house.

A home that has problems with structural timber tends to have broken tiles, leaks, and plumbing issues. These concerns set a negative impression on potential buyers and repel them. Perform all of the maintenance work before deciding to sell a property.

Here are some renovation ideas which you might want to consider in order to benefit from the best resale value:

  1. Kitchen and bathroom remodeling

If you’re going to impress your potential buyers in the first go, the first thing that you should consider prioritizing is remodeling your old home to gain the maximum out of its sale. The parts of the home which you should necessarily consider remodeling are the kitchen and bathrooms as they are known to have a positive impact on buyers, especially if it’s done by a professional firm like Arran Construction.

Modifications that you might consider making in your kitchen could include an improved layout and installation of branded kitchen appliances and better quality material for the cupboards and working surfaces. You could also look at upgrading the splashback in your kitchen. You can also remodel the kitchen regarding storage space and make better use of the corner space as a part of the remodeling. The other remodeling ideas include changing the tiles and the paint of the walls and painting a faux-wood finish onto the cabinets.

Choosing tapware, the type of tap, materials, and colors can make a significant improvement to both the look and feel of your bathroom. Understanding the various types of taps available will help you in choosing. Ideally, choose something that matches the sink, and other fixtures around your home whilst keeping functionality top of mind.

Improving the bathroom is also one of the best ways that can help you benefit from the handsome resale value. You can upgrade the sanitary ware and the tiles and replace the existing fixtures like taps, basins, and bathtubs with new and modern ones. If you are on a higher budget, the addition of luxury sanitary ware such as a jacuzzi and installation of showers with body sprays are worth spending on.

  1. Landscaping

As first impressions are quite often the last ones, it is clear that a property that has been nicely landscaped will attract the attention of potential buyers over the ones that lack proper landscaping. As part of the upgrade, you may consider manicuring the lawns and including flower beds. You can also build brick-paved pathways and driveways, and add water features as well as garden lights that will help you create a positive impact on the buyers at the first go.

  1. Exterior improvements

Improving the exteriors of a property, especially if it is a considerably old one is very important when it comes to increasing the value. The popular exterior improvements that are worth spending on include:  attractive boundary walls, decorative wrought iron gates, and electronic garage doors.

Also, painting the exterior of the property with complementing neutral colors will prove to be eye-catching to any potential buyer. You can also consider adding patios and decks, irrigation systems, gazebos along with a pergola, and columns to the porch, as it will add to the property’s charm and increase the value of your home.

  1. Swimming Pool

Properties with swimming pools are generally known to fetch better resale value than the ones that lack them.

If your property does not have a swimming pool, you should consider building a nice one, provided there is space for it inside your premises. If a swimming pool already exists in your property, you must make sure that it has been cleaned and is in its best condition before you have potential buyers view your property.

  1. Replacement of existing windows

Replace the existing old windows might help increase the property value.  If your property is situated in a place that experiences either extremely hot or cold weather, you might consider investing in something called low e-glass. This glass is known to reflect heat and coldness, and therefore will protect the home from extreme weather damage. It also helps in maintaining the temperature of your home. Replacing old windows also helps in brightening up the home’s external appearance.

  1. Bedroom and living room update

To make your property eye-catching for potential buyers, updating the rooms (especially the bedrooms and living rooms) are worth the money. The updates might include crown molding, which is known for giving a room a crisp and clean finish, which the buyers will surely love. If the home is a furnished one, shifting the furniture away from the walls helps in making the room larger and more contemporary. You may also want to invest in some Shabby chic furniture to make your bedroom stand out. There’s a strong move towards minimalism in interior styling, which is why you may want to consider just leaving the bare necessities in good condition and adding a fashionable rug in the center of the living space. You can also consider changing the fixtures as well as integrating it into a smart home system.

If the room is a low-ceiling one, you can position drapes and valances higher on the wall, thus creating an illusion of height. Also, replacing old carpets with new ones or adding wooden floors to the interiors of the home can make it look nicer than before. Freshening up the room’s look with the help of new paint will help in the enhancement of the room’s beauty to a whole new level.

  1. Cleaning the home

Living in a clean house is a healthy way of life. Therefore, no buyer would ever choose to buy a property that is not clean, even if is one of the best properties they’ve ever seen.

Before inviting buyers to view your property, you should always see to it that it has been cleaned and all the dirt and extra clutter has been removed. Avoid dust build-up on a regular basis; it will help you ease down the tedious process of cleaning the home each time a potential buyer visits.

Looking for more renovation ideas? Here are five that will make your property easy to sell.


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