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Staging a House with No Furniture: Little Things Mean a Lot

When you’re selling a home, you want to make the best impression on buyers possible. About 49% of buyers are going to be influenced by how your home is staged.

You want to make sure that you present your home in the best possible light. What if you already moved out and you don’t have any furniture left to stage the home?

You actually have more options available and this could work in your favor. Read on to find out how to stage a house with no furniture.

Should You Stage a Home with No Furniture?

One of the biggest booms in real estate is in home staging. It’s common for real estate agents and sellers to hire a home staging company to

There are some disadvantages to staging your home with no furniture.

The first thing that’s a major disadvantage is that you can’t hide anything. For example, a stain on the floor can’t be covered with an area rug. Cracks and chipped paint can’t be covered up, either.

As a seller, you don’t want to look desperate to sell your home. A completely empty home could send off signals that you need to sell your home quickly.

If you don’t stage an empty home, it can feel empty. Buyers will pick up on that. Homes are places with soul. A home that’s empty and not staged can feel unwelcoming and uninviting.

An empty home can pose safety risks and you could experience break-ins.

One of the biggest advantages is that buyers aren’t influenced by the style of furniture already in the home. For example, you may love a rustic look and decorated your home that way. You may have potential buyers who are fans of mid-century modern or modern furniture.

They won’t be able to fully envision the possibilities of the space without looking past the furniture that doesn’t fit their style.

With an empty space that’s staged well, buyers can take measurements and then decide where they can fit their modern furniture.

How to Stage a House with No Furniture

As you can see, there are plenty of advantages and disadvantages to staging a home with no furniture. The key is that you have to put in the effort, no matter how much furniture you have and make it enticing for buyers.

Ready to learn how to stage a house with no furniture? Check out these insightful tips.

Curb Appeal Matters Even More

Do you know what curb appeal is? It’s how people view your home from the curb. Buyers will often form a first impression based on the exterior of the home and then they tour the home hoping to find more evidence of what they found outside.

For example, let’s say that your home looks exquisite from the outside. The landscaping is perfect and your walkway is welcoming and inviting.

Buyers will get a positive first impression. When they walk inside, they’ll look for other reasons to love the home. They may love the spacious rooms, open kitchen or natural lighting. If they don’t like the walkway, they’re likely to notice every single thing wrong with your home.

What you can do is add colorful plants and small lights to the walkway or update the driveway design. You want to give your landscaping a cheery look and feel while the colors add some pop to the landscape.

Of course, make sure that the grass isn’t growing too long, and your landscape isn’t full of weeds. That can turn off buyers.

Rely on Color and Lighting

Once you have buyers walk in the door, you want to wow them with color and light. Buyers respond to bright and cheerful homes, and you can use them to your advantage.

You can change all of the light bulbs in your home to brighter bulbs. You can also strategically use lighting to highlight features of the home and keep potentially negative aspects in the dark.

Using floor lamps, table lamps, and overhead lighting can create a big, bright space, even in small rooms.

Natural light is a big seller and something that can draw buyers to your home. Trim the foliage outside to make sure you’re getting the most natural light in the room. You’ll also need to clean the windows as light coming in through dirty windows will be noticeable.

Color can be used simply in your home without furniture. You may not require a full coat of paint on your walls. A simple color update to your trim can create a bright and bold feel in your home.

If You’re Really in a Hurry to Sell Your Home…

Are you on a time crunch and really need to sell your home? If that’s the case, then you do have a few options available to you.

The first option is to rent furniture or to hire a home staging company to handle this part of the process. This isn’t ideal if you’re in a hurry and on a tight budget.

The other option is to sell your home for cash through a company like Cornerstone Homebuyers. It’s a quick process and removes the headaches of selling your home.

Staging a Home Can Sell It Fast

Home sellers want to get their house off the market as soon as possible. When you’re selling a home, you want to get the most value you possibly can out of the sale. A higher sales price means more money in your pocket.

Yet, if you don’t know how to stage a house with no furniture, your home could be sitting on the market for a long time, forcing you to lower the asking price.

Focus on the appearance of the entire home, both exterior and interior to create a warm, welcoming and bright home. That will help buyers see themselves living there.

Do you want more great real estate tips? Read this article that tells you when it’s time to replace your home windows.


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