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Use Art to Sell Your Property Faster

To sell quickly in today’s market, your property needs to have a unique character that inspires potential buyers. One of the most effective ways of giving life to any space you wish to sell is to strategically place art that speaks to property seekers. By paying close attention to these details, you can guarantee your home sells.

However, creating an art-filled space is not as simple as purchasing a few landscapes and hanging them around the room. Your art should speak to the structural qualities of the room, the character of the property, and the aspirations of your buyer. Moreover, you should thoughtfully illuminate your art with picture lights that tie together the visual narrative of your space.

Pick a Focal Point

When placing art around your room, choose a piece that will serve as your focal point. This artwork — whether it’s two-dimensional or sculptural — should set the tone for your buyers. If you are selling a modernist room, consider a minimalist piece with bold colors and interesting materials. On the other hand, if you are working with an older property, you might opt for a painting completed around the time of the building’s construction.

By first selecting the proper focal point of the room, you have the opportunity to not only set the tone of the space but also define the other pieces that should complement your aesthetic.

Build a Narrative

Once you’ve selected the focal point of your room, you are ready to work on the rest of your space. Use your art to tell a story about what your property is, and what it could be. Keep in mind your ideal buyer, and what kind of aesthetic would appeal to them.

Go Minimalist

You may decide to go the “bold, minimalist” approach and let one large piece of art define a room. Hoteliers often employ this approach in their properties when placing, for example, a large Jeff Koons sculpture at the center of the lobby. Restaurants, too, will often use a large chandelier to draw attention to their dining room.

Minimalism and elegance often go hand in hand. By demonstrating your curatorial discretion to potential buyers, you are signaling that your space is for the most discerning customers.

Be Eclectic

Maybe your focal point isn’t one piece, but rather, several interconnected works of art. If that’s the case, highlight that fact rather than conceal it. Instead of spacing your art out around the room, let it congregate on a well-lit wall haphazardly, illuminated by a few well-placed picture lights.

An eclectic art gallery-style space should appeal to those looking for a very comfortable, lived-in room. These kinds of spaces often feel much homier than minimalist-inspired rooms. Remember, clutter can be beautiful.

Kalden Swart, 2020,

Embrace the Past

If your property is old, celebrate that history by loading up your space with works of art that speak to its story. If you have a historic property near the ocean, consider showcasing a collection of nautically-themed items from old ships and sailing culture. If your space is located within a historic district, find items in local antique stores and flea markets.

Like all archives, a degree of disorganization can be a virtue, not an impediment. Place items around the room in such a way that visitors can piece together the history for themselves. This approach can work particularly well for smaller spaces where more items can — somewhat counterintuitively — add a degree of dimension and space.

Treat Furniture as Sculpture

Properly placed, furniture can be as impactful as any piece we might traditionally think of as art. Think of your room as a domestic sculpture garden, replacing marble busts and concrete pediments with beautiful couches and lamps.

To elevate the aesthetic quality of your furniture, consider pieces that contrast with the architectural qualities of your space. If you have a rounded window frame, consider placing an angular sofa in front of it. Similarly, an arching light fixture can add a sense of motion to an otherwise traditional-looking room.

Final Notes

Art is a powerful tool when attracting people to your space. More important than your budget is your taste — select pieces that tell a meaningful, appealing story. Once you have chosen the right art for your room, remember to highlight it properly with sensible picture lights and other fixtures. By paying attention to all the little details, you will set your space apart from the market.


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