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It’s The Little Details That Will Guarantee Your Home Sells

Selling a home is more difficult than most people realize. It’s common for homes to get stuck on the market for months or even years. Why is this? Often, owners don’t pay attention to the little details that will ensure your home sells.

Points like this are forgotten completely. This leaves buyers impressed and they will choose to purchase another home on the market. You need to make sure that you avoid this. Let’s explore some of the best ways to do this. With these tips, you can guarantee your home sells fast for the right price on the market.

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Go Minimal

First, you need to create a minimal design aesthetic with your decor. This is the design style you will see when you visit show homes. It provides a lot of advantages. For instance, a minimal style will make your home look larger and more modern. You can achieve a minimal design style by thinking about what each room needs. Choose a few key, stylish accessories to dress up the home and guarantee it doesn’t look bare. Remember, you’re not selling a home, you’re selling a piece of a lifestyle. Think like this and your home is going to look incredible to buyers.

Add Some Color

As a seller, you are probably targeting new families and young couples. As such, you need to ensure your home is warm and welcoming to them. You can do this by adding a little extra color to your home design.

Start in the garden and consider adding some tropical plants to your front garden. There are lots of tropical plants that grow in a wide variety of climates. You can add color to the interior too. Choosing the right colors for the walls is crucial. Pastel shades will provide a calming atmosphere and provide practical benefits too. They are easy to paint over.

Add Style And Luxury

Next, you must make sure that your home looks stylish and modern. Do that by adding designer accessories. Designer throw pillows are the perfect way to dress up any piece of furniture that looks plain or dull. You can also think about adding a few rugs to different rooms in your home too. This is a great way to add some additional texture and create a layered effect that can look incredible. It’s another way to make your home look bigger on the inside.


Photography will always be an essential element of selling a home. The right photography is how you create the perfect first impression for any property. This is all about using the angles and lighting the right way. A skilled photographer will understand these key points. You should always check the reviews for photographers taking shots of your home. It can be beneficial to hire an alternative professional to the one that your realtor provides. That’s true even if you pay a little extra as the results will speak for themselves.


Adding the right technology to your home will ensure it feels more modern. It doesn’t matter that you will be taking most or all of this tech with you. Again, it’s about selling a lifestyle. This is key if you are targeting affluent sellers interested in more luxurious and lavish properties. You will be buying new tech and entertainment equipment for your next home so why not just invest early. You can buy a new TV for the wall, a smart control system and new lighting. Or, if you are renovating the kitchen, consider a heat induction hob. The right kitchen design can add 25% to the asking value of your property.

Design A Guest Room

We have already mentioned it’s important to make your home feel welcoming. This is true and that’s why you shouldn’t leave rooms bare. If your home looks empty, it can lead to buyers believing you need a fast sale. That can send the wrong message. Instead, think about showing the potential of a spare room in your home. You can decorate it like a guest room with key luxury features. Try to make it look like a hotel space and a place where someone would love to spend the night. You’ll see this effect in show homes and you should try to emulate that.

Don’t Forget About The Back Garden

Embracing the alfresco lifestyle has been a big deal for quite some time. That’s why it’s worth thinking about how you can add more to your garden space. You should consider adding an area where guests can relax and enjoy the outdoors. You can go bigger than this too with more grand options such as an outdoor cooking area. If you are looking for a way to add real value, adding an outdoor water feature is a fantastic choice as well.

Light Fantastic

Finally, you must think about the lighting in your home. It can completely alter the aesthetic of the different rooms. For instance, if you have lamps for your home, then this is going to great shadow. That can make a room look far more cramped and cluttered. Overhead spotlights create the opposite effect and they aren’t too difficult to install. Alternatively, you could just alter the bulbs. New bulbs in your home can make your property look far brighter and full of life. You can even get colored bulbs to change the atmosphere in a room completely.

We hope this helps you understand some of the little details that can impact a home sale. Take this advice on board and your home will sell without delay for the price that you want. You can guarantee you will be able to move forward with your life and take a big step towards the next chapter.

If in doubt about how to prepare your home, you can use a professional service. A designer will style your home so it is guaranteed to sell without delay. These experts know the tricks to make buyers put an offer down as soon as they view your property.


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