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Ways to Keep your Condominium Safe from Electrical Accidents

Fire safety is one critical consideration you should have in mind when you are in apartments and condominiums. People and families are living nearby which increases the vulnerability of accidents such as fire incidents.

When in a condo, especially those in high-rise designs may have difficulty in exiting when a fire incident happens. However, you can reduce your vulnerability and increase your capacity with the right preparedness and risk reduction approaches.

The following are fire safety tips for condominiums that you should consider to apply in your residence to reduce the risk of accident and injury;

Purchase and Install Smoke Alarms and fire extinguishers

The best way to prevent fire and be safe when a fire happens is to install smoke alarms. Smoke alarms can help in providing immediate response when a fire occurs. It can prevent from spreading throughout the whole building and affect other residents.

It is not difficult to manage and maintain smoke alarms. You only need to put batteries and change them every six months to ensure continuous function. If the detectors are giving a sounding beep, then they need a replacement of new batteries.

Meanwhile, fire extinguishers are an essential partner for smoke detectors for you to immediately respond to put down any smoke or fire. The use of fire extinguisher is simple, and you need to remember the acronym- PASS:

P- Pull the pin

A- Aim the nozzle at the base of where the fire is happening. Do not hit the top of the flame because it will not be sufficient.

S- Squeeze the lever. Control the lever to release the foam directly to the spot.

S- Sweep from side to side. Keep aiming the nozzle. When sweeping the nozzle, make sure you hit the base of the fire.

Inspect and assess regularly the fire extinguisher because it can expire at any time.

Be careful of using open flames

Open flames always pose a risk and so you need to be extremely careful when using stoves;

  • Never leave your oven when cooking. Food may boil over and can cause a fire
  • Do not fall asleep while cooking. Pots and pans may boil, and grease can ignite the fire
  • If you need to leave the kitchen, set the timer to let you know when you should be coming back
  • Keep away the oven mitts, counter towel, and other cloth from the stove.
  • When cooking, avoid wearing loose clothing
  • Be careful when using the fire igniting appliances
  • If you are using candles, make sure that you keep them away from curtains and other flammable materials. Place the candles in firm candle holders and must be placed on a flat surface. When you go to sleep, make sure you blow them out.
  • Never smoke in bed and be careful when smoking in couches and chairs
  • Make sure that matches and lighters are out of reach of children.

Avoid Electrical Hazards

Human lives are being comforted by the benefits of having devices and appliances. These devices have an electric circuit which dc ammeter shunts help control the flow of the electric current to avoid electric shocks. However, when appliances are not appropriately used and managed, it can create heat that can hardly be dispelled by resistors resulting in damage and cause a fire.

  • Never overload the electrical outlets and extension cords
  • Surge protectors can be useful
  • Check any worn-out cables, a malfunctioning appliance, and outlets

Learn, Know and Practice Fire Emergency Procedures

You should be articulate and knowledgeable on the standard operating procedures in case a fire incident will happen in your condominium. Familiarize yourself with the location of fire alarms and fire exits. Locate a safe place for you to evacuate. Importantly, you should have the contact numbers of emergency responders.


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