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Luxury Destinations for a Holiday Home

Are you looking to buy yourself a second home? A holiday some somewhere luxurious and exotic. You want to find a place where you can escape all the trappings of your day to day life. If you crave luxury and comfort and you want somewhere to reflect how hard you work that affords you the chance to relax in style and enjoy the benefits of your labour.

It goes without saying that when you work hard, you also want to play hard. And if this means you want to enjoy the finer things in life so be it. One of those things is having a second property.

But, buying a second home as a holiday home or even making your first property purchase this is your holiday home can come with its own trials and tribulations but once you have navigated the waters of the property market, you can enjoy your new home.

It isn’t as straightforward as buying a permanent residence, you will need to make adjustments. This applies to your finances and your life as you embark on this new journey. Whilst the goal is the dream. It may not be all smooth sailing to get there.

Where to purchase your holiday home?

It’s safe to say there are some outstanding locations for you to consider around the world. But, when it comes to purchasing a holiday home. buy where is the best location for you? That all depends on what exactly you want to experience during your downtime at your new home.

The best way to choose a location for your new holiday, of course, is to visit beforehand. Do you have any family or friends who live or own homes in the area you are considering? Why not pay them a visit to scout the local area before committing to buy. Or does the place you are choosing to buy hold sentimental value for you? Let your heart lead but don’t forget to let your head make the decisions.

Are you looking to buy in a tourist-heavy area? Or is your ideal location a little bit removed from this lifestyle? 33% of Americans buy their holiday home in a tourist area. This isn’t for everyone. In fact, Americans tend to be drawn to a vast array of locations from city high rises. To country pads to beach homes.

This will give you a feel for the area. And also you can see what to expect when you move into the area and any amenities you can expect. Another great way to find out more about an area, especially if you haven’t spent a lot of time there is to hire a savvy agent.

Find the right person who knows what you want

Make sure they also know how to navigate the local area. This is essential to locate a high-end property for you to invest your money and help you enjoy the finer things in life.

But back to the question of location. Location is everything when it comes to choosing your ultimate luxury getaway property. Should you plan to spend short periods of time at your new home or you plan to stay for part of the year to indulge your social calendar, you want to choose a location that not only exudes class and sophistication but is also perfect for you.

When you have narrowed down your location choices, consider if the area you are buying in is a high tourist location. Do you enjoy the hustle and bustle of people occupying the place you are residing in for your vacation?

If so, then high traffic and visitor areas are definitely for you. If you want to get away but still stay in a holiday hotspot then you should consider locating a little bit away from the centre of all the action.

Luxurious locations for investing in a holiday home


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The Bahamas has properties for all budgets. However, for those looking for the higher end of the market, you can be sure to find some truly stunning properties on or away from the beachfront to indulge your every need. If you are looking for something that caters to your every need why not consider Paradise Island. It comes complete with all amenities including a golf course and an exclusive Ocean Clubs Estates community on a beautiful half-moon crescent beach.

If that isn’t for you, the Bahamas are made up of over 700 islands so there is sure to be something to appeal to you. And, with no income tax, capital gains tax, wealth tax or VAT – the Bahamas is an attractive option for those looking to invest their money.


If you are looking for glamorous, then you have to consider Miami for your new holiday home. Pick a holiday home on the coast and enjoy waking up and basking in the view of the glorious coastline.

Whether you want to indulge in the commercial, tourist aspect of Miami of enjoying the relaxed chilled out vibe emanating from the coastline, Miami has something for everyone and for those partial to the nightlife scene, Miami is definitely a place to consider. You can dance until dawn with 5 am closing times at bars.

A city with something to offer everyone, from a thriving nightlife to a secluded luxurious life, Miami will not disappoint. From South Beach to Lincoln Road Mall.

Los Angeles

If you want to be at the centre of everything, you need to consider choosing Los Angeles for your holiday home. Choose from properties with sprawling estates perfect for those wanting quiet and seclusion to a thriving city life that embodies everything America has to offer when it comes to sprawling mansions and elite luxury.

A celebrity haven, you can be sure to be at the centre of all things entertainment. As well as being able to locate your perfect property along the coastline to soak up the views. With places that appeal to first-timers in the city or veteran visitors alike, LA has it all and is a great base for those wanting a holiday home in the centre of the action.

The Maldives

The ultimate in luxury, if you are looking to escape the world you know then you need to head to the Maldives. Consisting of over 1,900 islands there is actually only around 200 inhabited islands, making it the perfect getaway for holiday home. If you are after seclusion with luxury then you need to head to The Maldives to purchase your island holiday getaway.

Despite the buying process being one of the easier processes, it is still suggested to leave it to a professional to handle this for you. This leaves you free to enjoy the luxury the islands have to offer upon completion.


With its exquisite landscapes and stunning coastlines, it is easy to see why people want to invest in luxury holiday homes here. However, if you have your heart set on locating here, then make sure to have a good real estate agent who can guide you. Especially if you are unable to view properties before committing to buying them.

Here, you can take yourself away from the hustle and bustle of the cities. Head away to a luxury life where you can escape it all and lose yourself in the magnificent views the country has to offer.

Lake Como

For the ultimate in European luxury then Lake Como should definitely be on your list. If travel is not an issue then you can purchase a holiday home overlooking the lake itself. This will gift you with some exquisite views and the ultimate in luxury if you so choose. Hollywood stars are royalty amongst its clientele. If this is for you, you will be in good company. Will you choose to put your money in Europe and more specifically Lake Como? If you do, you can indulge yourself in all the finest amenities Italy has to offer. From swimming pools to stunning views in a prime location.

A popular place for aristocrats and wealthy people alike, if you want to reside in an area known for its beauty, you cannot go wrong at Lake Como.


you have the sun, the sand and a relaxed way of life. The Caribbean has long attracted those wanting a slower pace of life. But you can still find the luxury you expect from the property you want to buy. There is no denying the Caribbean has some of the most stunning scenery in the world. they definitely do not disappoint when it comes to providing luxury properties for those want to enjoy the Caribbean way of life.

The Caribbean has over 7,000 islands with 13 sovereign island nations and 12 dependent territories. You can be sure to find the holiday home of your dreams whilst basking in the luxury of everything the island has to offer.


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