Clogged Toilet? 4 Signs That You Need Septic Tank Cleaning

Has your toilet clogged up? Is there sewage coming up from the drain in your bathtub? This is an indication that your septic tank needs servicing.

Keep reading to learn more about the symptoms of needing a septic tank cleaning.

1. Drains Are Slow

The drains in your kitchen and bathrooms should allow the water to flow easily down. If the water is taking a while to drain out you might have a clogged pipe. First, try an unclogging solution or a plunger to rid the drain of the clog. If that doesn’t help then you might have a full septic tank.

Another sign of a full septic tank is if you hear a gurgling sound coming from your drains after you’ve run your faucet or flushed the toilet. If you are experiencing these issues, it is time to contact a professional for a septic inspection.

2. Standing Water

If you suspect you are having a septic system issue pay attention to the area of your yard where the tank is located. If you have any standing water or soggy areas near your septic tack then you might have a leak in your tank that is creating moisture.

When your tank is working correctly there will be no wastewater or moisture in the surrounding area. If you notice that there is water pooling up or if the grass is extremely green and lush in that area then you have a problem.

3. Foul Odor

Sometimes the first sign that you have a septic tank issue will be from a foul smell. A system that is working properly has been designed to prevent these smells from making their way to the surface through the pipes in your home.

If you start to notice a foul odor coming from your bathroom or kitchen drains then it is time to call a professional. There can be options for toilet rentals that may help our your situation immensely.

4. Backed Up Sewage

If you are having sewage backing up then this is one of the worst indications of a septic system failure. This is when the wastewater from your septic tank has run out of places to go and begins to back up into your bathtubs, sinks, and possibly into your basement.

When your septic system fails in this way it can be an extremely bad situation. The wastewater is harmful to you, your family, and your pets, especially if it has seeped into your basement. If this has happened to you, call your septic system professional and a water remediation company that can help clean up the mess and repair any damage that may have occurred.

Learn More About When You Need a Septic Tank Cleaning Professional!

These are all great signs that you are in need of a septic tank cleaning professional. If you have noticed some of the early indicators that your septic system is beginning to fail, don’t hesitate and call today!

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