Creating Your Movie Room: 6 Home Theater Setup Ideas

There’s nothing like watching a movie on the big screen, right?

The sound, the dark room, and the massive screen all add to the effect, making for a truly dramatic movie experience. If you’re a huge fan of going to the movies, why not bring the movies to you?

With a home theater, you can experience the thrill of watching your favorite blockbuster on the big screen but in the comfort of your own home. With blankets, snacks, and no noisy eaters, it’s the ideal option for every movie lover. It’ll also add plenty of appeal if you ever choose to sell!

Start planning yours with our home theater setup ideas. 

1. Old-School Movie Projector

If you want to take the more old-school route for when setting up your home theater, opt for a projector. It adds plenty of charm to your space and is a great way to maximize your ‘screen’ without splashing a ton of cash on a huge TV.

For an all-around great projector that isn’t too expensive, take a look at the BenQ HT2050A. The image is clear and color accurate, and works best with ambient lighting. Unfortunately, you can’t go above 1080p, but for the price you can’t be too upset.

It’s also super easy to install. Even if you’re not a DIY fanatic or tech expert, you shouldn’t find it too hard to get this up and running. 

If you’ve got more cash to spare, go for 4K with the BenQ HT3550. It’s still on the cheaper end of 4K projectors, but creates incredibly sharp, clear images. With this projector, you’ll never want to leave your movie room setup again!

2. Cinema Worthy TV

If a projector isn’t really your style, don’t worry! There are plenty of incredible cinematic TVs that will transform your space when setting up a home theater. To make a real movie room, you want to focus on picture quality and size, which can mean spending quite a bit of money.

One of the middle-range TVs that still provides great quality picture is the Sony X950G. This model comes in different size options, ranging from 55 inches to 85 inches, so you can get a TV to fit your room perfectly. 

With HDR and a 120 Hz refresh rate, there’s no doubt this TV gives stunning pictures! For sharp, smooth, and colorful film, this is a great option. It also manages really well with darker-filmed shots, making sure you don’t miss a second of the action.

3. Luxurious Theater Seating

When it comes to tips for setting up your home theater, picking your seating is crucial. You don’t want to be uncomfortable when watching your favorite movies, so pick your theater seats wisely!

Whilst you could opt for a couch, that doesn’t really give the same atmosphere as a movie theater. Instead, take a look at this commercial theater seating. With bespoke, customized designs, you can create exactly the look you want with no compromises.

Recline, put your legs up, and enjoy your movie from the some of the most luxurious chairs on the market. 

4. Cinematic Sound System

Without quality sound, your home theater isn’t going to be complete. The best option for a lot of atmosphere and an immersive experience is a surround sound system. 

The Sonos 5.1 surround sound set is one of the best on the market. Set up each speaker at different points of your room to be transported into the center of the movie. The sound quality’s unbeatable and if you’re setting up a movie room this is a must-have. 

If you’re on a budget though, the surround system might be a bit out of reach. Opt instead for the Roku Smart Soundbar. Simple to use, great sound, and super budget-friendly it’s a brilliant option for any home theater. 

5. Dim the Lights

Lighting is another vital aspect of any home theater. Without the right lighting, you won’t be able to properly immerse yourself in the movie and the picture from your TV or projector won’t look as good. 

If you’ve got the budget, opt for a dimmer switch on your lights. By doing this you won’t be plunged into darkness every time you turn off the lights but you can still keep them low enough to not disturb your movie.

If you can’t get a dimmer switch, set up some ambient lighting. Place lamps towards the back of the room so they’re out of your eye line. Choose warm-toned bulbs, opting for yellow rather than white light to keep it from glaring on your TV screen.

6. Keep it Cool With a Mini Fridge

Now you’ve got the basics set up, it’s time to have some fun! One of the most useful and exciting additions to any home theater is a mini-fridge. Stock it with snacks, drinks, and even a couple of cold beers.

By having a mini-fridge, you’ll prevent unwanted trips to the kitchen every time you need a refreshment. No one wants to be getting up and down during a movie! It’ll also add to the luxury of your experience, bringing everything a cinema has right to your home.

Personalize Your Home Theater Setup Ideas

Once you’ve taken note of our home theater setup ideas, it’s important you customize them to suit your room. No space is the same, so make sure each choice you make works with your room.

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