3 Alternative Ways to Sell Your House

Are you planning to sell your home?

Every year, about 5 million existing homes are put on sale. As you can tell, there are millions of other homeowners doing what you want to do.

Perhaps you’re looking to upsize or downsize. Or you’re fed up with your neighborhood and want to start a new life elsewhere. Or maybe you’re in debt and you want to raise money from the sale and settle it.

Regardless of why you want to sell your house, one thing is constant: you need to know how to sell it.

There’s the traditional route of hiring an agent, but it has its downsides. Are you willing to do things out of the box? Check out these alternative ways to sell a home.

1. Sell It Yourself

It’s never advisable to sell a house without a seller’s agent. There’s a lot that goes into selling a house that the whole process can leave you drained and confused. You could even lose money to con artists.

However, it’s possible to sell it without getting any professional help and actually close a sound deal. This method is called “for sale by owner.”

To increase your chances of making the most from the sale, make necessary repairs, do a few upgrades, and clean up the property. Curb appeal is key to attracting potential buyers.

Then, go beyond erecting the “for sale” sign outside your gate. Market the house on social media sites and ask your friends to share the post. You can also utilize real estate sites that offer free or cost-friendly listings.

2. Sell to Companies That Buy Houses for Cash

Are you wondering, “how do I sell my house fast?”

If yes, you need to reach out to companies that buy homes for cash. They’re always on the hunt for properties they can buy on the low, renovate or remodel, then sell at a profit. Sometimes they just buy a property and let it sit, waiting for the real estate market to shift and then sell it.

The best thing about these companies is they’re many. Just search online and you’ll find them.

When searching, be location-specific. This way, you’ll find a cash for homes company that operates in your state or even local market.

Be extra careful when dealing with these companies, though. When you’re looking to sell the house for as much as possible, you’re better off avoiding them. Many won’t match your asking price.

But if your primary goal is to sell your property fast, they’re a good fit.

3. Trade the Property

Yes, it’s possible to trade your property.

What are the odds there’s someone who’d love to own your home and give you theirs? Slim, but not non-existent. As long as you know where to look (online), you can find a person with who to trade the property.

Sell Your House Differently!

Selling a house is a big decision. While you can hire a real estate agent and let them do the job for you, why give away so much money in commission when you can have it all to yourself? With these alternative ways to sell your house, you’ll achieve that goal.

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