3 Stunning Home Interior Design Trends to Watch in 2021

Interior design is a great way to redo the inside of your home and change the feel of your space. Whether you’re looking to prep your home to sell or simply want to give your space a facelift, then look no further than home interior design styles. 

You can opt for a fresh coat of paint that matches your style and adds a renewed feel to any room. Modern furniture is another great way to give your room a brand new look. If you’re looking for bathroom interior design tips, then hanging light fixtures, hardware, and adding pops of color are all great ways to alter that room as well. 

If you want to know 3 stunning home interior design styles guaranteed to breathe new life into any home, then look no further. 

1. Simple Chic

This popular style integrates simplicity with a calm, relaxed feel. Look for neutral colors, such as white, tan, beige, and grey. If redoing a living room, look for couches that are simple but comfortable, something that is key. 

You can add splashes of color with throw pillows, but aim for a “less is more” appearance. Oversized coffee tables help create a warm, inviting space, but don’t crowd them with knickknacks, as it detracts from the table itself. Look for tables that have character and don’t need lots of decorations to make them stand out. 

Mirrors are another excellent way to add dimension to any space and to create the illusion of a larger room. They add depth to any space while still maintaining a minimalist appearance. Add houseplants for an organic feel while integrating color, but remember to look for child and pet-safe plants.

2. Bring in Nature

This amazing style can easily be incorporated into any room. If you’re looking for bathroom interior design ideas, then consider painting your bathroom with earthy colors. Look for towels, bath rugs, and shower curtains that match this color scheme.

It’s important not to add too much color, as this can look overwhelming. Instead, choose one color for your bathroom walls, and softer, complementary colors for your furnishings. You can also replace light fixtures and hardware within your bathroom to help freshen up your space and add bathroom finishes.

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3. Cozy Cottage

A cozy cottage is a timeless way of styling any home. This warm and inviting decorating trend allows you to add floral patterns without detracting from the rest of your home. Look for floral wall art and pair it with houseplants, to give your house that charming cottage feel. 

Add vintage touches such as antique mirrors and dangling sun catchers, as well as floral bedding to incorporate a cozy cottage appearance throughout. Since cottages often remind you of afternoon tea, look for a tea set to display in your home, along with large candles for a more intimate look. 

Home Interior Design Styles for Every House

No matter what your style is, there are countless home interior design styles to choose from. Whether you like a more modern, minimalist appearance or want bolder colors, you can find modern interior design to match any style and budget.

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