4 New Home Landscaping Ideas That Will Increase Property Value in Miami

Curb appeal matters! Homes with minimal to well-landscaped yards see an increase in value from 5 to 12% over a home with no landscaping. 

Whether you’re concerned with new home construction ideas or sustainable building, don’t put landscaping on the backburner. Beautiful landscape design can set your home apart from the rest. 

Choose the best home renovation and home remodeling tips to give your yard a face-lift. Take a look at 4 new home landscaping ideas that nail curb-appeal and increase your ROI. 

1. Modern Patio Area

Use wood and square stepping stones to create a modern patio area. Flank it with native plants that don’t require much water for those dry months in South Florida. 

Keep the modern look going with straight lines and minimal color. Use a lot of greenery and drought-resistant plants, stones for fillers, sleek outdoor furniture, and hanging lights. 

2. Color, Texture, and Levels

South Florida is home to so many tropical plant varieties; the possibilities seem endless. When designing your outdoor space, choose a wide range of plants with colors and textures that coordinate and complement each other. 

Use taller plants in the back or middle and then surround them with colorful flowers at the base creating a mountainous look that will draw the eyes upward. 

Use blocks or other materials for edging to separate the grass from the planting beds. 

3. Palapa for Shade

The word palapa is a Spanish word that means “pulpy leaf”. It is an open-sided structure with a thatched roof.  The roof is constructed using dried palm fronds. It’s amazing how well-suited the palms are to keep you dry and shaded.   

You’ve seen these at beach restaurants, bars, or at tropical resorts, so why not bring that beachy feeling to your home? A palapa is just the thing to give your yard a tropical vibe while providing much-needed shade from the Florida sun.

Use other tropical elements like palm trees and birds of paradise. Add a pond or water feature to keep the theme going.

4. Landscaping with Synthetic Materials

Artificial turf will save you a lot of money in the long run…no fertilizing, no watering, no mowing. And…it looks good all the time.

It’s easy to maintain and when paired with other natural-looking synthetic items, your yard appears amazingly perfect. Add some natural elements to take advantage of all Florida has to offer in tropical foliage. 


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Making the Best of Your Home and Backyard

Now that you’ve learned some new home landscaping ideas, you can make your yard the envy of the neighborhood. 

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