4 Signs You Need an On Site Property Manager

Did you know that 7% of landlords have been asked by a tenant if they can break the lease early?

This is only one of the typical requests landlords have to deal with. Unfortunately, when you own a property, you have to worry about a number of things not just tenants trying to break a lease. 

Read on to learn when it’s time to hire an on site property manager. 

1. Your Vacancy is High 

One of the main reasons why you should consider hiring an on site property manager is if your vacancy is really high.

When was the last time your property had no vacancies? If you’re a landlord with several properties, it might be difficult to devote the time to finding new tenants. 

If you fail to find tenants, your income might suffer and so will the reputation of your properties. Having a property manager on site means you will have someone devoted to finding tenants

2. You Don’t Get the Right Kind of Tenants 

When you’re a landlord, you want a tenant that will pay the rent on time, respect the terms of the lease, and stays out of trouble.

If your property has been attracting the wrong kind of tenants, it’s time to get an on site property manager.

A property manager on site will help you through the vetting process to ensure you get only the best tenants possible. Your property manager will gather all of the documentation necessary, conduct an interview, and run a background check. 

This will ensure your property only accepts the right type of tenant.

3. Tenant Complaints are a Pattern

Your job as a landlord is not only to collect rent at the beginning of the month. You have to also ensure your tenants are happy.

If your tenants keep complaining about the lack of communication or response to maintenance requests, it’s time to hire an on-site property manager.

Having a property manager on site will help address all tenant requests the moment they come through. 

If a tenant has a maintenance request, the property manager will be able to address it in a more timely fashion.

Lee West Building Maintenance and Refurbishment, for example, says the most common maintenance requests include clogged drains, leaking pipes, and no hot water.

4. You Don’t Have the Time or Live Near Your Properties

If you own several properties, you might not have enough time to manage all of them. Not to mention, you might not live near all of the properties you own. 

When you have several properties, it can be a full-time job to manage all of them. 

Instead of stressing out for not having the time to devote to your properties, you can hand off the responsibilities to an on site property manager. 

Reasons You Need an On Site Property Manager

Now that you know the reasons why you need an on site property manager, it’s time you search for one. 

You need a property manager when you’re dealing with high vacancy, your property attracts the wrong tenants, and you have many tenant complaints.

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