5 Benefits of Quartz Stone Countertops

When remodeling a kitchen, most people think upgrading their countertops to granite or marble is a no-brainer. Yet, the unique perks of quartz stone have recently been giving them a run for their money, gaining in popularity.

The engineered stone made from natural quartz combines the beauty of stone with undeniable strength and durability. It’s like getting the best of all countertops rolled into one.

To help you see why you need quartz stone for your next project, let’s look at 5 benefits of quartz countertops.

1. Extremely Durable

Kitchen countertops can take a lot of abuse. With quartz, you never have to worry about it showing wear and tear. In fact, some would describe it as almost indestructible!

That’s because quartz is a very hard material. Largely composed of minerals (more than other stone), it’s combined with resin to make it a solid work surface. It resists scratches, chips, and cracks from everyday use.

When compared to other countertop options, it’s hard to beat the strength and durability of quartz stone.

2. Super Low Maintenance

Most people are too busy to worry about sealing their countertops every so often. Buffing out scratches or trying to remove stains only add to the maintenance.

You never have to worry about that with quartz stone. It requires little to no maintenance to keep it looking great.

A quick wipe down with a damp cloth and soap is all it takes. Quartz is a material you never have to seal, plus its stain resistant!

3. It’s Non-Porous

Since quartz stone consistent largely of minerals combined with resin, it makes it a non-porous material. That means if you spill anything on the countertop, it won’t seep into the stone.

Unlike marble and granite, quartz doesn’t have small capillaries that run through the stone. With no openings for liquid or other materials to soak into, quartz is stain resistant.

The solid material also makes it impossible for germs and bacteria to make their way into the stone. Your quartz countertops will always be stain-free and easy to disinfect.

4. Looks Great

Unlike stone where what you see is what you get, engineered quartz is made to order. This allows you to have a wide variety of colors, patterns, and texture, making it easy to fit into any decor.

Whether you want the look of stone or a simple solid color, quartz gets made to any specifications. Plus, since it doesn’t get cut from a slab, there are no defects or imperfections to deal with.

This website can help you find the quartz countertop that would look perfect in your home.

5. It’s Versatile

Many countertop options have limitations on where you can put it due to design and their ability to withstand certain elements. Yet, quartz has the flexibility and versatility to go anywhere.

Bathrooms, fireplaces, laundry rooms, even recreational spaces are perfect areas for quartz stone. It’s durability, non-porous material, and low maintenance feature means it can stand up to whatever it faces.

Reap the Benefits of Quartz Stone in Your Home

With quartz stone countertops, you can basically set it and forget it. The benefits will give you a beautiful, low maintenance countertop that will last you for years to come.

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