5 Expensive Countertops That Are Worth the Cost

The average kitchen remodels will cost homeowners around $25,000. This includes things like cabinetry, appliances, labor, paint, and any materials used to rebuild.

Another contributing cost is countertops. If you’re doing a complete gut and remodel, new countertops are a must because they complement the look of your entire kitchen.

So, what are some of the most expensive countertops on the market today? And are they worth it?

If you’re in the middle of a kitchen renovation and need new countertops, keep reading this guide to understand which countertops are worth the expense.

How to Choose A Countertop

Choosing a countertop is not an easy decision. Before we explore expensive kitchen countertops, let’s review the basic steps in selecting the right countertop for you.

Determine your budget. Are countertops going to be a splurge for you, or are you putting your money elsewhere? Without a clearly defined number to spend on countertops, you could blow your budget easily, leaving no money for other expenses.

Know your square footage and the cut-to-size kitchen countertops. Do some measuring and see how much countertop you need. This will play a factor in budgeting as well.

Get some samples! Many home improvement stores are more than accomodating when it comes to samples. Take some home and do some comparison against your choice of cabinet and pain hues.

Do you want flat or rounded edges? Either of these will depend on your personal preference.

Thick or thin? Thicker countertops may look grand and sturdy, but they will likely be more pricey.

7 Of The Most Expensive Countertops to Put in Your Kitchen

Now that you know how to choose a countertop, there’s plenty of materials to choose from, and many that are expensive. Here are some of the most expensive countertops that could be a part of your kitchen.

1. Marble

Marble is a beautiful and luxurious choice, especially for an elegant and traditional kitchen. Many people love the gleaming look of marble, but it does come with a hefty price tag.

Marble starts at $75 per square foot and even more for complete slabs. Marble tiles might be cheaper. One of the benefits of marble is its good looks, but it’s not exactly able to hold up under heavy use and may be prone to chipping and cracking.

2. Granite

Granite is one of the most popular choices for kitchen countertops. It’s solid, durable, and when well-maintained can last for years to come. While it’s look may not be as glamorous as marble, there are still plenty of colors and patterns to fit your kitchen style.

The cost for granite countertops can range from $35 per square foot and upwards making it one of the more affordable choices. You’ll also need to make sure the countertop is sealed tightly to repel stains and keep it in good shape.

3. Stainless Steel

Stainless steel countertop can handle even the toughest cooks and preparations. Most commercial kitchens use stainless steel due to so much kitchen activity, and even combats bacteria. It provides your kitchen with a very distinct and industrial look.

Stainless steel starts at around $35 per square foot and will need to be custom made, and for this reason, prices are likely to skyrocket for larger spaces. Be aware that stainless steel shows all the fingerprints and scratches!

4. Concrete

If you spend nearly every waking hour in the kitchen and love a more modern look, concrete is for you. Concrete is extremely durable, making it a perfect choice for those who do considerable work in the kitchen.

Concrete will cost you about $75 or more per square foot. Because it’s heavy, you may be spending much more on support. Concreate will need to be sealed as well to avoid staining.

5. Quartz

Quartz is another popular choice for the kitchen because of its strength. It’s engineered with quartz as well as resins and comes in a variety of different colors and patterns that fit in almost any kitchen, and it’s fairly easy to care for.

Quartz may cost around $40 or more per square foot and can end up being quite pricey. Quartz also needs to be sealed for protection.

6. Cement

Cement countertops? Yes! Cement countertops provide a unique and rustic look to your kitchen because of its incredible strength and have been quite trendy in the last few years since the farmhouse theme arose.

Cement countertops can cost $65 per square foot as a starting price. They do tend to crack, create stains, or even harbor bacteria if it’s not sealed.

7. Paper Composite

Paper composite might not sound like it’s durable or long-lasting, but it’s composed of many natural elements like wood fibers, so it makes it very environmentally-friendly and surprisingly stable. To make paper composite countertops, the materials are heated to a high temperature and then emerge as an extremely reliable countertop.

Paper composite countertops start at $45 per square foot and can increase from there. Paper composite can be a challenge to clean and will need a sealant to prevent scratching.

Countertop Choices

When considering a countertop, you’ll need to take into account how much time you spend in your kitchen cooking and preparing food and other activities. Will you need a strong, sturdy countertop to handle the job? If the answer is yes, then it might be wise to invest in one of the most expensive countertops.

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