5 Key Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Restoration Company

Did you know that back in 2017, more than 1.3 million fires occurred in the United States? Or that at least 41 million people in the country are at risk of flooding from rivers and streams?

No wonder property damage is the biggest reason for homeowner’s insurance claims! In fact, in 2017, 98.1% of all these claims were for property damage caused by disasters like fires and flooding.

If you’re now part of this growing statistics, your insurance company isn’t the only one you need to call ASAP. You also need to contact a restoration company that can save your home from further damage.

But with so many contractors out there, how can you make certain you hire only the best?

For starters, you need to ask the right questions.

Ready to learn what these questions are? Keep reading to better prepare yourself once you start phoning these service providers!

1. Do You Have Up-to-Date State and Local Licenses?

In most states, companies providing restoration services require a contractor’s license. These service providers are also often required to be in the state or local registry.

For one, because licensure protects consumers from harm and fraud. It’s an assurance that the company is actually legit and existent. As such, you’ll know where exactly to find them in case a legal issue arises.

It’s also best to stick to a bonded restoration contractor. Being bonded gives you extra protection in case a contractor fails to fulfill its duties. If they breach any part of your contract, their bond will kick in to compensate you, the client.

2. What Types of Insurance Coverage Do You Carry?

Choose only a restoration company that has general liability and worker’s comp insurance. In fact, these are legal requirements for almost all employers in the United States.

Liability insurance protects your home if the restoration team causes damage to it. The coverage will kick in to cover and compensate you, the homeowner, in case of these accidents.

If a technician sustains injuries while working on your home, you won’t be liable for the accident. Their worker’s compensation coverage should shoulder their medical and hospital bills.

Note that in the U.S., a workplace injury occurs every seven seconds. The last thing you want is for this to happen to a tech working at your home or office. Accidents can still happen though, so it’s best to make sure the techs have worker’s comp.

3. Do You Have Accreditation for Environmental Infection Control Remediation?

Some restoration projects may require Infection Control Risk Assessment-certified technicians. You may need these experts in case sewage or contaminated water flooded your home. Another example is the project involves handling asbestos or other toxic materials.

The thing is, not all restoration companies hold such accreditation. So, be sure to ask about this when you consult a contractor. You can learn more about ICRA-certified techs at Surfco Restoration & Construction LLC.

4. Do You Provide Free Restoration Project Estimates?

Only the best restoration contractors provide these estimates. They also put it in writing to ensure their clients feel at ease.

5. How Soon Can You Come and Restore My Home or Office?

Keep in mind that the longer water remains inside a building, the faster molds will grow and spread. Fire-related damage, such as soot and odors, can also spread to your other valuables. In short, the longer the delay is in restoration, the greater the damage can become.

That’s why the top restoration companies operate 24 hours, seven days a week. They also work fast, restoring your home within the least possible time.

Save Your Home by Getting it Restored ASAP

There you have it, the most important questions to ask a restoration company. But what’s even more important is to call them and set a schedule for the project ASAP. The sooner they can complete restoring your home, the sooner you can live in it again.

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