5 Most Common Bugs Found in Condos and What to Do About Them

Living in a condo has its pros and cons. A big old con is that you aren’t isolated from other people’s living spaces.

When you have a common wall with someone, you become more vulnerable to common bugs and pests.

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Common Bugs in Condos

What are the most common bugs you would find in a condo?

1. Cockroaches

Oh, these guys. They’re indestructible, it seems. No matter how many you kill, it just appears that more and more are coming back.

If you’re in a condo, there are even more avenues for cockroaches to take, even more people for them to live off of. This makes them even more of a nightmare to try to get rid of.

Besides being incredibly gross to look at, cockroaches can carry some serious diseases.

How to Get Rid of Them

You’re going to want to call pest control and have them come out immediately, just make sure to get your neighbors on board.

The key to reducing the infestation is to keep your place clean, your food tightly sealed, and to throw away trash frequently.

The worst part about trying to get rid of cockroaches is that if you fumigate your condo, the cockroaches can go hide in the other condo units while extermination is taking place. When your condo is safe again, back they come. Because of this, it is important that everyone attached to you treats their condos at the same time.

2. Bed Bugs

Oof, bed bugs. They’re infamous for being hard to get rid of. They have become more common over the years.

They feed on your blood and leave small itchy bites.

How to Get Rid of Them

You can try to get rid of bed bugs by yourself, but in the end, the best route is calling pest control.

How can you try to get rid of bed bugs by yourself?

First, you should vacuum, clean up everything off the floor, and throw away any unwanted furniture or items. Then you will treat the affected area with an insecticide or by steam.

It is important to follow up cleaning and vacuuming your condo. It is absolutely essential that after you vacuum you dispose of the waste.

3. Fleas

Precious Fido carried them in, so how do you get them out?

Fleas are one of the most common bugs that affect households. A flea infestation is icky and itchy, as they will bite you and your pets to survive. You may first notice that you have fleas by seeing bite marks on your ankles.

How to Get Rid of Them

Fleas multiply quickly, so it is vital to get pest control in to bomb the place with pesticides immediately.

4. Termites

If you have noticed small piles of wood pellets, broken off wings, or hollowed-out wood, you likely have termites.

You should take termites seriously as they can severely damage the structure of your condo.

How to Get Rid of Them

You may use insecticides and treat both inside the house as well as the outdoor soil.

5. Ants

They’ve come for your food! Really, seal your food.

Ants find the smallest crumbs, so it is important to keep your house clean.

How to Get Rid of Them

Get ant traps and set them up all around your condo. Make sure to wipe down counters, put away all food, and frequently dispose of trash. It couldn’t hurt to vacuum those suckers up, as well (just make sure to dispose of the waste).

Contact Pest Control

When choosing a pest control service, go with someone you trust. If you haven’t used a service before, check out reviews. You’ll want to go with a company that has a good reputation.