6 Practical Storage Lockers and Cabinets for Apartments and Schools

Students and residents at apartment buildings need secure storage to keep their valuables protected.

Using storage lockers and cabinets will provide people with the storage they need to ensure that their belongings are safe and secure.

Read on for a list of six practical lockers and cabinets that will make storage easy and convenient.

1. Cube Lockers

Young students are not tall enough to reach tall lockers and shelving. Consider cube lockers for elementary school environments so the kids can keep their items safely stored. These lockers can be found in fun colors, and they’re easy to stack on top of each other or side-by-side for easy access.

2. Single Tier Walk-In Storage Lockers and Cabinets

If you manage a large apartment complex or condominium, single-tier walk-in lockers are a good choice. These larger lockers allow tenants to store items like bicycles or boxes, while still offering them easy access when needed. You can customize these lockers to include floor and ceiling panels, separate compartments, and more.

3. Modular Lockers

For the ultimate flexibility, consider modular lockers that can be attached in any configuration. These lockers consist of separate compartments that you can bolt together to create a single unit. Modular storage lockers and cabinets can be placed in any design you wish and offers versatility in smaller spaces.

4. Standard Probe Lockers

Probe lockers tend to be tall and slender, and they’re a perfect choice for middle and high schoolers. These lockers feature a door with a latch where students can add their own personal lock to protect the belongings inside. Some probe lockers feature one single unit per section, while others may have two “shorter” units stacked on top of each other for each individual section.

5. Wire Mesh 

This style locker resembles a cage or fencing, and you can easily customize it to any shape and size. A wire mesh locker is ideal for gyms, large apartment buildings, and outdoor storage for items like bicycles and garden equipment. These storage lockers and cabinets feature an open mesh material so anyone can see the items inside, but they’re secured with a lock to protect the contents.

6. Metal Cabinets

Cabinets are perfect for items like mail and packages as well as clothing, coats, and anything that needs a basic storage area. You can find an assortment of these items at https://nationallockersandshelving.com to suit your storage needs. A metal cabinet is durable and long-lasting, and shelving can be included so that you get more secure storage for different purposes as needed.

Protect Your Belongings

From children’s school books to incoming mail, storage lockers and cabinets are an effective way to secure belongings. Consider the different styles and configurations available to make sure you’re choosing something that will give you the functionality you need.

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