6 Secrets on How to Sell a Home Fast in Miami, FL

Sometimes, things happen in life that take your life in an unexpected direction. Whether you accepted your dream job or a family member is in need of care, sometimes you need to move as soon as possible! One of the biggest loose ends to tie before you move away is selling your home.

In 2018, the average length of time a home spent on the market was 68 days! Who has 2 months to wait around for a buyer to appear?

We put together our favorite tips for how to sell a home fast in Miami, or wherever your home is! Keep reading to learn 6 great ways to speed up your home sale process.

1. Scrub a Dub Dub, Clean the Whole House… Including the Tub

Before you sell your home, it needs to be clean! We’re not talking “company is coming over” clean, but more like “cleaning up a crime scene” clean! Everything from the ceiling to the floor needs a once over before you start showing the house.

When a buyer enters a house that is not clean, they wonder how well you have cared for the bones of the house. No one wants to buy a home that isn’t well maintained and has structural problems. Even if the house is not compromised, a dirty house is not going to sell fast.

Many people are choosing to hire professional cleaners before putting their house on the market to make sure the house sparkles. But, you don’t need to hire anyone to clean if you don’t mind putting in the elbow grease to clean under appliances and in all the nooks and crannies.

2. A Picture Says 1000 Words… to Potential Buyers

Buyers almost always look at pictures of a home before inquiring about a viewing. Having bad pictures on your advertisements ensures that buyers will pass right over your ad and to the next one.

Take high-quality pictures of your house and lots of them! Every room and interesting feature of the house should be the focus of a well-planned photo.

Not much of an aspiring photographer? Consider hiring someone to take the pictures for you. Professional home photographers know all the right angles and have better equipment to capture the charm of your home on film (or digital media these days)!

3. Let There Be Light!

Light is your friend when people come to see your house. Looking at a dark house makes buyers wonder what you are trying to hide.

Open all the blinds and curtains or turn on a lamp in a dark corner to bring light into your home from wall to wall! Natural light is the best option, but some rooms may not get much natural light and need a little light augmentation.

4. Make Sure the Price Is Right

Everyone wants to get as much money as they can when they sell their property. But, the buyer is also looking for a good value. You could shoot yourself in the foot if you price your home too high at the beginning with the intention of coming down on the price later.

When deciding how much to put down for your asking price, look at not only the value of your home but also the final selling price of similar homes in the area. If the houses in your area sell for much less than their valuation, you might want to take that into consideration.

Another price trick meant to sell your home quick is lowering the price for cash buyers! Selling your home to a buyer who pays in cash is a much faster way to sell your home because you cut out the financing and bank official headaches. On top of that, you don’t need to worry about the sale falling through as often with cash buyers because they are not dependant on a bank approving a loan before they sign the paperwork.

5. How to Sell a Home Fast While You Still Live There

If you intend to live in your home while it is on the market, go ahead and pack your personal items. Family photos and heirlooms prevent the potential buyer from imagining the house as their home instead of yours.

The good news is that by packing all that stuff away, you are getting a good bit of your packing done for the move!

Also, consider taking out some of the furniture so the rooms feel bigger and have more room to walk around in. If you need to, rent a storage unit nearby where you can keep your extra stuff but still be close enough to grab it if you find that you packed something too soon.

6. Add a Little Curb Appeal to Your House

First impressions are very important for potential buyers. You want them to love the house the second they pull into the driveway.

Fix any minor damage to the front of the house and concrete paths. Fill in any dead or missing grass in the lawn. Whatever you can do to make your house shine will be worth it in the end!

Let’s Get Real About Real Estate

Even if you already know how to sell a home fast, the real estate market changes all the time and it’s confusing! That’s why people spend months and money to get their real estate licenses!

Hiring a well-qualified realtor can boost your chances of selling your house in a flash! Be sure to find a realtor who has an impeccable track record of selling properties in your area. And you can use an ad creator to help with the advertising.

Give us a call if you are looking to buy or sell properties in the Carribean and South Florida areas. Or, if you are anywhere else, stay tuned to our blog for more real estate tips, tricks, and news!