9 of the Most Common Warning Signs of Foundation Issues (2020)

House foundation issues if left unresolved can cost you over $50,000 in the long term. This is because of the gradual damages to other features in your house. Cracks on your walls, ceiling, and floor may be an indicator of probable foundation damages. 

However, it is not always definitive that these cracks will be easily detectable through your naked eyes. House foundation problems are no joking matter. And they can be detrimental to your home. 

Learn how to spot the most common signs of foundation issues today.

1. Focus On the Sagging Floors and Ceilings 

Warped ceilings and deformed floors can be the clearest indicator that your house may have foundation issues. As your home’s foundation begins to tilt, the movement affects the stability of your wall. The instability gradually causes continuing damage on the ceiling. 

Any damage to the foundation of the house causes unevenness in specific spots in your home. If you spot slanted floors, or the ceiling begins to show signs of distortion, it could mean potential foundation issues. You may use a level to monitor the slopes on your house from time to time.

If the signs of the warped up ceiling and the slopes on the floor persist, then it’s time to call in a professional. You don’t want to risk the effects of extreme damage to the foundation. 

2. The Musty Smell in the Basement Could Be a Tell-Tale Sign

You may have ruled out such musty smells in your basement hoping they won’t persist past few days.  However, if this has been happening for more than just a week, it could be a sign of a bigger problem with your foundation. You would hope to wish away musty smells and crawl spaces as possible causes of a leak in your basement.

In the worst-case scenario, however, these signs may be an indication of cracks right down to the foundation. House foundation problems may manifest in the form of moisture seeping in through the cracks in your foundation. If this is the cause of the resultant odor, then it is possible that your foundation needs urgent interventions.

Not too fast, though. You may also need to assess other factors such as blocked gutters. If the dampness in the basement is a result of foundation issues, the musty odor will persist even after the blocked gutters are unblocked.

 3. Cracks in the Interior Sheetrock 

Evaluating the interior sheetrock can be a critical guide when assessing the state of the foundation in your house. However, this may require a keen eye to identify the difference between the original state of the interior sheetrock and the distorted state. If the interior sheetrock has cracks that are zigzagging, then this may spell trouble.

The extent of the damage to the foundation may be dire if the zigzagging cracks run the entire stretch to the height of the wall. In case, the wallpaper décor on your wall begins to pull away, this may be a sign of tilting wall. This may be caused by movements at the foundation level.   

It would be advisable that you reach out to a professional at this point to ascertain if such damages may require immediate interventions. 

4. Test Your Doors and Windows

Are you experiencing challenges when closing or opening doors and windows?  The stubborn windows or doors could be a sign that there may be foundation issues in the building. 

Well, at times, such challenges only require slight WD-40 interventions. But if you have noticed that over time such problems keep persisting, this could be probable foundation damages signs. 

If your foundation is unstable, there may be gradual shifts. The shifts are likely to cause distortions on she shape of the frame over time. The progressive deformities eventually make the latching of the doors and the windows harder.

In the end, your casements and door system may jam entirely making access and exit into the house a challenge. Seeking immediate interventions may be critical if you detect such problems related to repeated cases of jammed doors.

5. If You Notice Gaps Between Counters and Cabinets

One of the common signs of foundation issues you need to look out for is gaps around cabinet frames. Frames are set up to correspond with the fittings and measurements in your house during construction. This means that the presence of gaps around the counters and cabinets that separate from the walls may be an indicator of shifting ground. 

The counters and cabinets in your home may be forming gaps as they separate from the walls due to foundational tilts. Your initial observation may indicate a slight movement. However, as the gaps widen, you may be shocked at the extent of damage to your foundation.

If the gaps persist, then something may be affecting your foundation, and it may be time to seek interventions.

6. Presence of Mold May Be One of the Common  Signs of Foundation Issues

Have you noticed a recurrence of mold around the corners of windows and walls in your house lately? As with mildew around the basement, this may mean leakages that require the interventions of a plumber. However, this may also be a sign than there are underlying house foundation problems that you need to deal with as soon as possible.

7. Presence of Bowed Walls 

One of the signs of foundation problems in your house may be noticeable bowed walls. If you have noted over time that your home has been experiencing bowed walls, it could mean that your foundation is moving. The paint blisters on your wall may often be mistaken for bending.

But, a professional house foundation contractor may guide you on which kind of wall bowing relates to foundation issues. 

8. Observable Nail Pops Out Of Drywall

Have you noted recurrent nail pops in your drywall in recent times? Well, this may be an indication of probable wall movements. In some cases, these nail pops may be easy to fix if the causes are related to other concerns other than foundation issues.

However, if the issue is recurrent, you need to contact a foundation repair expert to assess your foundation. The assessment may be useful to detect the possible problems that may be affecting the stability and to provide a probable intervention measure. 

If You Notice Any of These Signs, it is Time to Prepare for Foundation Repairs

Your safety and that of your family is paramount. If either of these signs of foundation issues become evident, it may be critical to seek the advice and involvement of a reliable house foundation repair company. You don’t want to wait until the last minute to make drastic interventions. 

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