Apartment Checklist: 5 Important Things to Look for Before Moving In

The benefits of apartment living are well-documented: the flexibility is unparalleled, it’s more affordable than owning a home, and there’s a great sense of safety and community.

If you want to enjoy these benefits, you’re probably on the hunt for an apartment. However, apartments aren’t created equal. Some offer a far better living experience than others.

It’s for this reason you need to be careful with your apartment search. Establish what you want in an apartment before moving in.

To make the job easier for you, we’re sharing an apartment checklist that contains some of the most essential features you ought to be on the lookout for.

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1. Location, Location, Location

You’ve probably seen these words thrown around with respect to housing and real estate.

When you’re looking for an apartment, location is one of the most important factors to consider. You want an apartment that’s, first of all, located in a secure area with good infrastructure. You should also be able to easily access important amenities, like hospitals.

Next, consider how far it is from your job or office. Ideally, you want to live in an apartment building that isn’t too far from your place of work; otherwise, your commute will be horrible.

You also ought to consider your personal preferences. For instance, if you’re into city living, then you might want an apartment that’s super close to the city. But if you’re into suburb living, a unit that’s some distance away from the city will serve you well.

2. Appliances and Installations

In the digital age, most of us want to live in homes that have internet. You certainly want the same, too.

When looking for an apartment, ensure it’s internet-ready. This way, all you will need to do is call an internet service provider and get connected.

Another important thing to look for is television cabling. Most modern apartments have in-built TV cables and sockets; your job is just to connect your device to the socket. However, don’t fret if this installation doesn’t offer a quality signal. You can buy a TV reception booster to enhance the quality of the signal.

A heating and cooling system is a must-have, especially if the apartment is located in an area that experiences the coldest winters and hottest summers.

3. Ample Parking

This is pretty straightforward. You don’t want to scramble for parking slots with your neighbors.

You want an apartment building that offers designated parking spots to its residents.

4. The Great Outdoors

An apartment isn’t anything close to a single-family home, but you need a unit that offers some outdoor space. This is usually a balcony, where you can catch some wind and sun.

It’s also a plus if the apartment complex has enough space outside where you can jog, run, or even ride a bike.

5. Pet Policy

85 million Americans own a pet. There’s a good chance you own one, too!

Unlike owning a home where you can keep pets at will, things get complicated when it comes to apartment living. Some apartments allow residents to keep pets, others don’t.

If you own a pet and don’t wish to be separated, ensure the apartment you’re moving it has a pet-friendly policy.

Apartment Checklist: Find a Unit That Serves You Best

More and more people in the United States are embracing apartment living. If your time to move into an apartment has come, take your time to find a unit that suits your lifestyle. Use this apartment checklist as a guide to finding the best unit.

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