Bathroom Style: What’s the Right Look for Your New Bathroom?

Is a bathroom remodel in your near future? A home’s bathroom is one of the most essential rooms in the house following only the kitchen. Your bathrooms and kitchens in a home are what oftentimes sells a house.

It’s one of the most relaxing rooms and should be designed to make you feel at ease. This is the place where at the end of the day, you come home, rid yourself of all those uncomfortable work clothes and enjoy a nice relaxing bath or a hot shower. The bathroom style you choose has an effect on how you feel when you walk into it, however.

Before you decide on what style you want, you should first determine what you want most from your bathroom. Do you want a super-luxurious feel, relaxing feel, beachy feel, or something else? Whatever your preference is, you can achieve that look with the help of our guide.

Continue reading below to discover several different bathroom designs! 


Contemporary styles have a great focus on cleanliness and clean lines. The furniture pieces used in this style don’t have many architectural features or much character. Everything is smooth and clean.

For example, Boffi bathtubs and their timeless and minimalist design would work perfectly in a contemporary bathroom.

It’s a great look for those who enjoy simple, clean, and clutter-free space. You won’t find many decor items in a contemporary style bathroom and the lighting will be simple. If you’re someone who enjoys all of the latest technology, materials, and designs, then a contemporary style might work well for you!

Rustic Farmhouse

Rustic farmhouse bathrooms use minimal accessories as well, but the accessories that are used in this look have a lot of character. One piece of furniture can make a huge statement in a rustic farmhouse style bathroom. In this style, you’ll find plenty of reclaimed wood and repurposed pieces. 

Shiplap can be used on the walls and vintage mirrors and light fixtures blend in wonderfully. Tie everything together with a free-standing bathtub. Rustic metal bins or tins can be used for trashcans and soap or toilet paper holders.


European bathrooms create a design using features across several different eras. You’ll find a good mix of new and old design features. Although this mix might not seem like it’d work well together, somehow the European style pulls it off. 

You can see wood or stone used for the countertops with a more modern-style cabinet. Consider placing a pedestal sink next to a bathtub with clawfoot legs. 


Elegant materials are used in traditional bathroom designs such as marble and other timeless pieces. When picturing a traditional design, you might be lead down a thought path of outdated or old features. This, however, is simply not true. 

Traditional design has more of a focus on classical features and materials that have tons of character and will still be trending for years to come. Be sure to use calming colors and mix in some unique tilework as well. 


A beachy bathroom design works well for homes located on or near a coastline. Beachy style bathrooms also work well in any type of home. There’s nothing wrong with creating a beach vacation getaway in your bathroom, especially when you don’t get to visit the beach often.

This style uses calm, light, and sandy colors. The accessories can include some beach shells, corals, and other items you might find in the ocean. All finishes should be made durable and give you the feel as if you’re in a beach rental right on the water!


Industrial-style bathrooms are commonly found in condos or lofts located in big cities. They also work well in all other types of homes, though. If this is the style you like, then don’t hesitate to create it in your own bathroom. 

The materials used in this style include durable brick, steel, and concrete. There are no finishes on these features as everything is left in its raw and original state, which makes the industrial look. 


An Asian-style bathroom will have you feeling like you’re on an Asian spa retreat. You’ll want to include a soaking tub in your design and a lot of wood elements. Ambient lighting is also a must. 

When you bring all three together, you create an Asian spa. Remember to keep Eastern designs and traditions in mind as well when creating this bathroom style.


A craftsman-style bathroom works well within a craftsman-style house. This type of bathroom might not work well in other house styles as it might stand out in an odd manner. If your home is a craftsman style, then you can give your bathroom the same look by using dark-stained wood elements, porcelain toilets, bathtubs, and sinks, and handmade tiles.

All of these design features come together to create a craftsman style with a lot of character.

Which Bathroom Style Can You Envision?

Do you have a favorite bathroom style listed above? Which one could you envision having in your own home? Use these tips above to help you create the bathroom of your dreams!

From craftsman style bathrooms to contemporary and farmhouse, there’s a style to match any homeowner’s preferences and needs. Consider the style of house you own and then be sure to add your own hints of personality to design a bathroom that’s truly yours.

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