Choose Wisely: 7 Things To Consider When Picking Kitchen Lights

Are you shopping for kitchen lights?

Proper lighting is incredibly important throughout your home. But, there’s no room in the house where it’s more essential than in the kitchen. But, with all the options out there, it can be hard to know where to start.

Sound familiar? If so, no worries – we’ve got you covered.

Keep reading for a few helpful tips for finding your perfect fit. 

Functional Spaces

When it comes to kitchen lighting, it’s absolutely vital that you select a color and brightness suitable for cooking and completing small tasks. 

Lighting that’s too dim will make it hard to see what you’re doing – a potentially dangerous situation while using sharp tools like a chef’s knife, or an open flame on your stove. On the other hand, lighting that’s too bright can be blinding, causing eye fatigue and creating an uncomfortable space to cook in.

In many cases, overhead kitchen lights won’t be enough to illuminate your countertops and workspaces entirely. That’s why so many people opt for recessed lighting or kitchen lamps in the areas of their kitchen where they plan to complete these tasks. 

Set the Mood

Bright kitchen lighting is essential for prep work, cooking, and cleaning. But, what about entertaining? Lights that are too bright might make your guests uncomfortable, or give your kitchen a sterile, cold feeling.

For many home cooks, the kitchen is the center of the home. Rather than a space intended solely for completing tasks like meal prep, this room is frequently where family members and company wind up congregating.

Selecting a warmer color for overhead lighting, paired with a brighter and cooler shade in the areas where you need it will help transform your space into an area fit for hosting. You might also want to install helpful gadgets like dimmer switches – to give you extra control over the room’s brightness. 

Selecting Fixtures

The kitchen light fixtures that you choose are just as important to the room’s overall look as the lights you install in them. 

What aesthetic are you hoping to create in your home? Popular design concepts for kitchens include contemporary design, farmhouse or rustic decor, and classic or retro styles.

You’ll want to choose shapes, sizes, and materials that are compatible with the rest of your kitchen’s look. Othewise, you might wind up with a strange looking space that lacks theme and fluidity. 

You’ll want to make these decisions before you head to the electrical supply store. And, if you’re new to shopping, you might find it helpful to bring this article and a few photos along for inspiration. This can help ensure that you get exactly what you want! 

Kitchen Lights Made Easy

Now that you know a bit about shopping for kitchen lights, you’re probably excited to make some changes in your home. Congratulations! Reading this article may be the first step toward achieving a comfortable and well-lit space for cooking and entertaining.

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