Sky Five Properties is the ultimate provider of highly sophisticated sales
and marketing services for urban and destination real estate developers.

Our executive leadership brings world-class experience through directly supervising over $4,000,000,000 in gross sales via the sales and marketing of over 20+ residential and mixed-use
projects in the South Florida markets. In thoroughly understanding the tremendous financial and tactical responsibilities of a developer, our operational platform is built to augment and
improve every stage of the development process.

Land Acquisition and Entitlements

We make the deals happen that
begin the development cycle.

Our brokerage resources provide exceptional acquisition services for raw, permitted, and non-permitted land, along with partially completed projects and JV opportunities.

We bring an added level of feasibility to our land opportunities through our depth of knowledge in land banking and the real estate development cycle. Our input refines and enhances the pro forma analysis process as we introduce key factors to be considered as part of positioning the property for highest and best use.

Our team will streamline the property development processes by offering solutions in any area of need. We assist our developers in securing and obtaining permits, licenses and other requirements through efficient paths.

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Sky Five Properties helps developers of residential and commercial real estate do their pre-development planning in the most strategic manner. This includes:

Project strategic

Using our expertise and exceptional market intelligence, we can help you project key development metrics and create PEST and SWOT Analyses.

Site plan

We assist with the review of floor plans, exterior building plans, interior common area plans, unit mix, unit finishes and amenities.


We help you with other important development activities, such as hotel flag procurement, construction facilitation and design consulting.

Real Estate Development Marketing Services

Sky Five Properties’ top-notch marketing services stimulate the imagination through the procurement of dynamic advertising materials and marketing campaigns. With our marketing mechanics in place, the table is set for our sales operation to generate substantial revenue as part of our pre-construction condo sales process. We create and market beauty around every corner of our operations like no other real estate organization.

World-Class Real Estate Development Marketing Platform

We provide six key services to real estate developers. Each item works in conjunction with the others as part of your overall marketing success.

Structured Creativity

We create highly persuasive and stimulating marketing collateral in a timely fashion. We are highly critical of the creative process, constantly reviewing and fine-tuning it to make sure the end result is attractive and impactful.

Significant Online Market Penetration

We work with you to design and develop a pre-construction website that is not only easy to use, but highly functional. We create a website that is easy to rank on search engines and that will help you meet your marketing goals.

Rendering and Animation Management

We help create the critical visual materials that form core collateral pieces and that communicate your brand concepts to the target audience.

Three Dimensional Service Alignment

We help you define the customer segments that you will need to serve. We also help you to leverage the latest technologies that will allow you to reach your target markets as widely and as efficiently as possible.

Media Planning

We help formulate a comprehensive media strategy that includes pinpointing the appropriate media buys for your needs.

Event Planning

We assist you in generating buzz for your residential and commercial real estate developments in Miami and throughout the region via dynamic and exciting events, including the creation of precisely planned guest lists and other activities.

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Our outstanding real estate development marketing platform injects creativity and vision into each and every project that we touch.
With Sky Five Branding, a residential or mixed-use development gains a unique identity that differentiates itself from all other developments.

Our proprietary and proven branding strategies are created with a mix of real-world and online campaigns, from renderings to brochures, to traditional advertisements,
and even to social media content. We diligently create a superior buying proposition to customers through a clearly outlined lifestyle map of experiential possibilities.
As this interest is developed, lead generation ignites demand and residential development sales activity.

Sky Five Signature Real Estate Development Marketing Programs

The strongest marketing firms develop their own signature, proprietary programs as part of their platform. With our Sky Five Signature
Marketing Programs, you get assured success with your residential and commercial real estate development marketing.

The Marketing

A strategic marketing plan (SMP) that deeply analyzes goals, markets and the competitive landscape to get the best positioning, product and/or service messaging, and marketing mix.

The Brand

A recommended brand strategy, incorporating customer, co-broker and market feedback to firmly establish a unique brand position, promise, personality and associations (logo, tagline, etc.).


A comprehensive formulation of the data driving buyer decisions and information that would help create target buyer profiles based on environmental, geographic and economic considerations.

Real Estate Development Sales Services

Sky Five Development Sales Services exists to provide state-of-the-art strategic management skills to ignite a robust sales platform for new residential and commercial real estate. Our depth and breadth of knowledge in pre-construction real estate sales in Miami and throughout the region is unparalleled.

Rigorous planning is the foundation of every project’s success. Our extensive experience in dealing with thousands of pre-construction buyers allows us to take apart each step of the sales cycle and re-calibrate each piece into an enhanced process as a whole.

Our plan uses specific timelines and success metrics. We begin strategic sales planning by forming a clear view of your goals and objectives. We identify the end user and customize our real estate development sales and marketing strategies, thereby helping them understand the value proposition and how it will impact their lives.

Our presentations and supporting materials are then created perfectly in line with the target customer. These steps fuel efficient lead generation, brand loyalty and impressive communications with our valued customers.


Three key factors drive the Sky Five Sales Success Formula.

We have the
best people

We assign top-notch professionals to the most appropriate sales positions while also keeping a rigorous watch on sales performance. Apart from top-notch personnel and rigorous management, we also use an extensive set of customer service protocols.

We have an eye for
details and design

With our elaborate design consultation, we help facilitate the design of your sales center, exterior and interior floor plans, amenities, and other features right down to the model unit’s design.

We help you with pricing
and profitability

Our key expertise leads you through optimal profit maximization by formulating and dynamically adjusting pricing matrices, procuring unit mix optimization, and developing sales forecasts with outcome variances.

Sky Five Signature Sales Programs

In addition to Sky Five Properties core real estate development sales platforms, we also develop custom sales platforms to fit your needs.

Competing on Analytics

We have proprietary systems for examining critical marketplace trends and competitive behaviors to help you get that edge. Get ongoing S.W.O.T and P.E.S.T analyses to further gain a competitive advantage.

Strategic Sales Roadmap

We assist you in developing a strategic sales map that analyzes goals, markets and the competition to help you determine the optimal sales channels, as well as enabling you to efficiently manage sales pipelines.

Leveraging of Emotionally Captivating Sales Tools

We use creative sales materials, cutting-edge video technologies, and thought-provoking qualitative and quantitative materials to form PowerPoint presentations.

Lead Optimizer

We help you bring sales and marketing together through the sharing of buyer data and lead generation sourcing. Our interactive system will allow for complete management of your real estate development marketing campaign metrics.

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