Do You Have What It Takes to Manage Luxury Properties?

There are levels to every career track that you choose. If you happen to work in property management, you owe it to yourself to climb the ladder and look into some of the optimal jobs you can take. 

For instance, many people in the field might want to look into managing luxury residential properties. By looking into the career track and figuring out how to climb the ladder it’ll help you find fulfillment and take advantage of new and different opportunities. 

So what points should you keep in mind? 

Read on to learn how you can take your career to the next level by managing luxury properties. 

1. You Need to Be Attentive and Accustomed to Unconventional Work Hours

When you manage luxury properties, it’s important to recognize that you may not have a typical 9 to 5 life. While the property will have set business hours, it’s possible that you’ll be work unconventional hours for a number of reasons. 

You might have to show the property to prospective tenants or handle some emergency repairs. You might also have to attend court sessions on behalf of the property owner in the case of evictions or other lawsuits. 

It’s important to be flexible and reachable in some capacity around the clock. You will likely be given a company cell phone that you can use to handle these matters. 

Depending on the property, you might also be expected to help market it on Instagram, Twitter, and other social media outlets. Luxury property managers typically get paid well for their services, so keep in mind that more will be required of you.  

2. Multi-Tasking and Organization is a Must

When it comes to finding the right skills for property managers, organizational skills need to be tops on your list.

You will be responsible for handling paperwork and individual cases for tenants. You’ll also typically have a full calendar filled with appointments and dates. The better you are able to organize your life, the easier it will be to stay productive when managing a luxury property. 

Find a system that works for you. This could mean using a traditional calendar book, adopting a wall or a desk calendar system, using apps, setting audio reminders, and other circumstances. The better you stay organized, the easier it’ll be for you to thrive at your job.  

3. Prepare Yourself to Be the Brand and Face of the Property

Branding and marketing will always be a big part of your strategy and responsibility. As such, you should always prepare yourself to represent the brand. 

Since it’s a luxury property, you’ll want to dress in a way that exudes luxury. Make yourself a visible presence on the website, listings, and at the property itself. People should associate you with the property, and you should carry yourself as such every step of the way. 

Upgrade your wardrobe with some outfits that make you look professional. Visit some upscale hotels around town to get a feel for the way they dress. 

At a luxury property, you’re not just a manager, you’re also a concierge. People need to feel like they’re at home and taken care of when they see you, so always put your best foot forward.  

4. You Need Certifications and Experience

Make no mistake about it — luxury property management jobs are highly competitive. 

To get them, you need to not only be willing but also qualified. Get the certifications and experience that will teach you how to do the job correctly. Build your resume year after year and continue your education. 

In most cases, luxury property management jobs go to professionals with some experience under their belt. Take a few jobs managing apartment complexes or other properties so that you learn to do the job. Once you’re seasoned, you can take on the responsibility of managing a luxury property. 

5. Make Sure That You’re Selling the Experience to Them

A luxury property manager needs to also be a bit of a salesman. You’ll routinely be giving prospective tenants the grand tour of the community. 

As such, you need to know all about the amenities and every fact and detailed related to renting. You should always know what properties are available so that you can give people accurate information. 

During luxury property tours, it’s not uncommon to give people a complimentary soda, wine, or other drink. When you can sell people on the property it becomes much easier to get new tenants. 

Your goal should be to make people want to immediately fill out an application following the tour. From there you can help them move forward with the process.  

Don’t just stop taking care of them once they’ve moved in. Learn a little bit about each tenant and stay in touch with them. 

Make it your business to aggressively have the building cleaned so that they always have a comfortable place to live. Advocate for upgrading technology and amenities whenever possible. 

The more ownership you take over the property, the better you will be as a luxury property manager.  

Manage Luxury Properties as a Career 

Above all, you need to have some enthusiasm for the job. The more you love what you do, the better you’ll be as a luxury property manager. 

Use the tips above to learn all about managing luxury properties. It’s a job that’ll be so rewarding — and it allows you to have an amazing place to live!

Consider these tips and check back to learn more about this career path.