Expecting the Unexpected: 5 Types of Storms Property Owners Fear

Few things can scare a property owner as much as the prospect of a bad storm. The wrong bad storm can do significant damage to your property, which makes storm damage a billion dollar cost to society every year.

In this article, we’ll go over the five most common types of storms that property owners need to watch out for, and what you can do as a property owner in order to mitigate any damage that may result.


Any kind of hurricane is bad, bad news for a property owner. Hurricanes bring two things with them: gusty winds and torrents of rain. The effects of the gusty winds are obvious. Broken windows, upturned cars, ripped apart garages are all common after a hurricane.

It’s important that you comply with any protocols instituted by your local government in the event of a hurricane. Board up your windows to protect them. Bring your cars inside the garage. Reinforce the garage door.

Also consider the rain damage that can result if water manages to make it anywhere in your home. If water gets in your home, that can ruin flooring, electrical wiring, and much more.


You’ve certainly seen past reports of tornado damage across the United States and the world. A tornado can literally pick up even things as large as a truck or a small house, catch them in the whirling winds, and deposit them with great force on the ground a significant distance away.

There is little that you can do in the face of a tornado except evacuate and board up your windows. 


Fortunately, only a few places in the world are exposed to tsunamis. Tsunamis rarely have a significant effect more than a few miles inland, so if you’re not very close to the coast then you should be fine.

If, however, you are unfortunate enough to live very close by the coast in the event of a tsunami, then a tsunami can be your worst nightmare. Not only can the water permanently ruin your home, but it can also stay for weeks, taking a long time to drain out before repairs can begin!


The worst effect a hailstorm can have is the pellet damage to your roof and windows. Anything breakable will likely break in the face of a proper hailstorm. The pebbles of hail are typically large enough and are traveling at enough velocity to instigate some serious storm damage insurance claims.


Even something as simple as a bad rainstorm can have some significant implications for a property owner. If the rain collects anywhere in your house, you can take a long time draining it out. And there’s no guarantee that you’ll get to it quick enough before it fries your electrical system and proposes a safety risk to you and your family.

Withstanding Different Types of Storms

The best way to mitigate damage from the various types of storms is to think ahead and get storm damage insurance. With storm damage insurance, you’ll have peace of mind that should an act of God ever occur, your insurance company will still help to restore you.

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