How Does Bulletproof Glass Work? Everything You Need to Know

Given the increasing amount of gun crime and mass shootings in the United States, making sure that your business or other properties are protected is crucial. One of the more subtle methods of improving your security is the installation of bulletproof glass. To find out more about bulletproof glass and how it works, check out this simple guide!

How Is Bulletproof Glass Made?

Bulletproof glass is used in places like banks, casinos, and betting parlors. The glass allows the people behind it to exchange paperwork and money in relative safety. Unfortunately, given the recent increase in gun crime, regular people are seeking out measures to protect themselves, including bulletproofing their homes and cars.

Regular glass The reason that regular glass can’t stop bullets is its lack of flexibility, which prevents it from absorbing energy. Since regular glass doesn’t provide any reduced momentum, the bullet is unaffected and goes right through.

Bulletproof glass resembles is Bulletproof Glass glass for all intents and purposes, but its unique composition is what makes it effective. While each manufacturer has a different spin on the process, the basic method for making bulletproof glass involves lamination.

Polycarbonate is a transparent plastic that is resistant to breaking, which provides the majority of the protection for bulletproof glass. A layer of polycarbonate is placed between two layers of regular glass, which will stop bullets from going through by absorbing the bullet’s energy. The middle layer is what prevents the bullet from exiting through the second layer or regular glass.

What Kind of Bulletproof Glass Is Right for My Needs?

While bulletproof glass is the common name for this product, a more accurate term would be bullet-resistant glass. If the bullets that hit the glass are powerful enough or if there was an error in the manufacturing process, the glass will break.

It is important to note that the thickness of the bulletproof glass makes a big difference in the level of protection for your business or other property. To be able to withstand a shotgun blast or a rifle shot, the glass must be made thicker and with more resistant materials

The general rule for bulletproof glass is the thicker it is, the heavier it is. However, thicker bulletproof glass is necessary to protect against larger caliber bullets, so you will need to consider where it will be installed.

One important thing to consider is the level of protection you need for your building, vehicle, or prefabricated shelter. If you are thinking of installing bulletproof glass in a car, you will need to take both the weight and opacity into consideration. Not only is bulletproof glass heavier, but it is also harder to see through, which could lead to issues with vehicle tint laws.

Buildings are far better equipped to withstand the weight of more massive bulletproof glass. If you are looking to create a safe room or another kind of shelter, Shelters Direct has all the answers you need to construct your ideal shelter.

Make the Right Choice to Protect Yourself and Your Business

While the current rate of gun-related crimes shows no signs of stopping, you need to make smart decisions to make sure your family and assets are safe.

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