How Much Does It Cost to Move Out of State?

An average American spends $4,700 for an interstate move.

Ideally, the cost depends on the mode of transport, the services you hire, and your budget. The price might also depend on the size of your house and belongings.

Nevertheless, you can still save substantial amounts if you plan well and choose the right movers.

This guide will discuss the main moving options to help you find the ideal cost of moving to another state. Keep reading.

The Out of State Moving Costs Factors

As mentioned above, the average moving costs depend on many factors. These factors include:

  • The mileage
  • weight
  • Packing supplies


The mileage is the moving distance. Ideally, the moving costs increase with the mileage. This is because of the high fuel consumption, and possible wear and tear of the transporter.

However, you may still save the moving costs if you plan well. Most full-service movers offer reduced moving prices to fill up the half-moving trucks. You can, therefore, save the costs by finding a truck that was already booked.


Your moving costs will be slightly higher if your home is bigger, and has many households. On average, the weight of one-bedroom household goods is usually less than 2,000 pounds.

On the other hand, a five-bedroom house might have an average weight of 20,000 pounds, thus, increasing transport costs.

You can cut costs on your moving weight by leaving some things behind. You may also donate the stuff you rarely use.

Packing Supplies

The delicate and fragile goods need proper packaging. The packaging protects them from breaking, and also facilitates the moving processes.

Most moving firms provide the packing supplies at a cost. It would, therefore, be affordable for you to buy your supplies. Besides, you may rent used boxes since they are more affordable.

Average Costs for Using Full-Time Professional Movers

The full-service movers guarantee maximum safety and attention once you hire them. They also have the moving expertise, considering that it’s their primary job.

However, full-service movers tend to have higher-priced services. Most of the firms determine the price using the distance to be traveled.

On average, the price of renting a full-service moving service for 1,225 miles ranges from $900 to $1,000 for a three-bedroom house. The price might go up to $1,500 for the bigger homes.

The full-service movers may be the ideal option if you don’t intend to participate in any packing process. Besides transportation, the full-service firms help in the packing for a move.

They assemble, dissemble, and even arrange your house well. They can also carry out the cleanup activities on your new and old homes.

The Average Cost for Using Moving Containers

Moving containers may be ideal option if you don’t intend to hire full-service professional movers. You may also consider this option if you fear that the professional movers might mishandle your items.

Ideally, you will pack the items by yourself, and then call the truck company to transport the containers. Their role is to carry only, and this means you will unpack and offload the items on your own. Some containers may also provide temporary storage for the goods before you unpack.

According to the HireAHelpers’ price comparison, the average cost for a moving container is $2,231. The cost might be slightly higher if you decide to use climate-controlled containers.

You might find the moving method quite involving because you must schedule a time for the packing and unpacking. You may also hire other people to help you in the offloading process.

The Average Costs for Using a Truck Rental

A rental truck is an affordable option for the mover on a budget.

The rental truck rates vary according to the time and the day of the relocation. In line with the U-Haul quote, the average cost of renting a 10ft truck costs around $1,700. Other rental truck firms, such as the Budget and Penske, are slightly affordable.

The renting costs depend on the fuel charges, the type of trip, time duration, and the type of truck.

Don’t Forget the Hidden Costs

You may face many unexpected costs while moving out of state. The first type of cost is the state income tax, which you must pay when moving to the seven states that do not have the individual income tax.

Besides the tax, you may incur the license registration costs for your car. The licensing prices will differ significantly depending on the rules of your new state.

Other fees should include the termination or connection fees when entering a new state. Lastly, you may incur some household furniture costs. Perhaps, your old bed will not fit into the new home, or your precious glass tables will break on the way.

The hidden costs can be inconvenient, but you keep additional cash to take care of the unforeseen expenses.

Tips to Save on the Cost of Moving to Another State

It’s clear that moving out of state is one of the stressful events. However, there are ways you can make this process stress-free. These hacks can help you save substantial amounts while moving:

Save Enough Money

Cash is the most affordable and convenient method of paying for your moving costs. Credit cards are costly, and they may easily trigger debts. So, choose the ideal moving method which you will use, and then start saving.

Negotiate on Your Relocation Package

You can negotiate for better rates on your relocation package. Typically, the package comes as a lump sum. If the amount does not impress you, negotiate politely so that you may save considerable amounts.

Compare Prices

As earlier mentioned, different moving companies offer varying prices. For this reason, you should compare the different rates to know what you should expect. As you compare, you will know the average cost to pay, and thus, you will plan better and make an informed decision.

Moving Soon? Start Planning Now

The process of moving out of state can be overwhelming. It could even be more stressful if you have never moved for a long-distance before. Get a quote from a reputable interstate moving company like Suddath Moving Company.

However, you can enjoy the process if you plan early and work with the right movers. Also, you should compare prices to get the correct estimate cost of moving to another state.

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