How Much Does Water Heater Installation Cost? A Simple Guide

Is your home’s hot water heater on its way out? If so, you should think about trying to have it replaced before it kicks the bucket for good.

By replacing your water heater, you’ll ensure that your home doesn’t run out of hot water anytime soon. You’ll also ensure that you can fit the water heater installation cost into your budget.

But before you start shopping around for a new water heater, you should take the time to learn about the potential cost of one. You can avoid the inevitable sticker shock that will come along with finding out the water heater cost by taking this approach.

There are several key factors that can influence hot water heater prices. Read about them below.

What Kind of Water Heater Do You Want to Install?

There are several different types of water heaters that you can install in your home in this day and age. The final cost of a water heater will depend on which type you choose.

Traditional water heaters that rely on large tanks to store hot water start at around $300 and go all the way to $3,000. Tankless water heaters, meanwhile, start at around $1,800 and can go for as much as $5,000 or more.

There are also solar water heaters now that are available for between $1,000 and $5,000. You should keep these prices in mind when trying to figure out the water heater installation cost that you’ll face.

Where Do You Want to Install Your Water Heater?

Most people install water heaters in their basements or in utility closets where they’re easy to get to. They don’t have to worry too much about paying extra for water heater installation service.

But there is a chance that your water heater might be set up in a spot that’s going to be hard to reach. That could send your installation service costs skyrocketing and make the cost to replace a water heater much higher for you.

It’s best to bring in a water heater specialist to let you know if there might be any unforeseen challenges that come along with a water heater installation. These challenges could drive your hot water heater prices up.

Who Are You Going to Hire to Install Your Water Heater?

There are about 120,000 plumbing companies in the U.S. right now. And all of them are going to charge you a different amount to install a new water heater.

Call around to a few of them in your area to see what your water heater installation cost will be if you choose to work with them. You might be able to save yourself a significant amount of money by going with one local plumbing company over another.

Find Out How Much Your Water Heater Installation Cost Will Run You

As you can see, it’s not possible to tell you exactly what your water heater installation cost will be. It’ll vary depending on everything from the type of water heater you install to the plumbing company you hire to get the job done.

Crunch the numbers to see how much you’ll have to pay for different types of water heaters through different plumbing companies. It’ll help you pick out the right water heater and the right plumbing company in the end.

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