How Often Should You Mow Your Lawn? The Complete Guide

How often do you need to mow the lawn?

Mowing the lawn is something that most people have to deal with, but not many know how to do it properly. While you can go out and mow the lawn whenever you like, you won’t ensure you have the healthiest lawn unless you know what kind of grass you have.

Cutting your grass may seem tedious, but it doesn’t require as much work as everything thinks. In most cases, you can pick a day in the week to mow the lawn without having to worry about anything. This will give you plenty of time to do the things you enjoy while having a nice lawn.

So how often should you mow your lawn? Read on to learn more about grass so you can figure out.

Things That Affect How Fast Grass Grows

When people start thinking about how often to cut grass, they often don’t consider what causes their grass to grow. Depending on where you live, your grass may grow slowly or quickly due to a variety of things. Sunlight, water, the type of grass, and how often you mow the lawn will affect the growth speed.


Sunlight is one of the most important things grass needs to grow properly. When grass doesn’t get enough sunlight, it will grow much slower than it normally would. This is why grass growth tends to slow down in a season like Fall when the skies are usually dark.


After sunlight, the next important thing for grass to grow is water. Water is responsible for transporting nutrients that are essential for growth throughout the grass. These nutrients often come from the soil, though you can add them to your grass if some areas are struggling to grow.

Grass Type

Whether you live in a cold or warm environment, you can get grass that will be better suited for the weather. For example, Bermudagrass often grows in warmer climates whereas Kentucky Bluegrass grows in cooler climates. Depending on what kind of grass you have, it may take longer for it to grow. 

Mowing the Lawn

Cutting your grass affects how often you’ll need to keep doing it. When you let the grass get too long, the roots will never be exposed to the sun. While this is good once in a while, it will cause the roots to burn once they get exposed if they’ve been shaded for too long.

When those roots get burnt, the grass will die and you may need to plant new seeds for growth. Getting a good understanding of how quickly your grass grows will make it easier for you to determine how often you should mow it.

Choosing the Length of Your Grass

Although your grass shouldn’t be extremely high or low, you have a lot of room to choose a length that suits your needs. Most people don’t care about a specific length and cut their grass as short as possible. 

If you’re mowing the lawn of a home, you won’t need to worry about the length as much as someone who’s mowing grass in a golf course. However, some lengths are more desirable if you’re looking to do outdoor activities.

For example, if you like playing soccer in your yard, you won’t want the grass to be tall enough to where it stops the ball. You also don’t want it to be short enough for the ball to slide without any resistance. You’ll need to mow your lawn a few times until you find a nice balance to suit your needs.

Maintaining Healthy Grass

When you get a good idea of what grass length you’d like to have, you’ll need to start mowing it at the right times to maintain its healthiness. Grass can be difficult to manage because you can’t let it get too long but you also can’t cut it constantly.

Most people will cut their grass once a week whereas some will cut parts of the lawn on different days. If your lawn has several types of grass, you may need to cut it more than once a week to keep everything balanced.

It’s best to keep the height of your grass the same height at all times. Doing this will prevent some parts of the grass from lacking sunlight, creating an imbalance in the height. While this will require attention to detail, it’s best if you want your grass to be as healthy as possible.

If you can, you can spread the grass clippings throughout your grass after mowing it. These clippings will act as natural fertilizers because they’ll provide the grass with more nutrients.

Understanding how often to mow your lawn will require you to do it several times until you can come up with a schedule that fits your lifestyle. 

Try to dedicate a day in the week in which you can mow it. If you need to mow it several times a week, set time aside. For those that are looking to spend a lot less time on their lawn, try to plant the same grass seeds across your entire lawn to prevent some areas from being higher or colored differently.

When all else fails, you can hire someone like this lawn mowing company to take care of everything. They can mow your lawn at the proper height that the grass requires. They’ll also recommend things you can do to make the lawn better.

So How Often Should You Mow Your Lawn? As Often as You Need

Cutting your grass is all about figuring out what works for you. Although there aren’t any rules, you can follow advice to help you decide what’s best for your lawn. If your lawn consists of the same type of grass, you can get away with cutting it once a week. Those with various types may need to do it several times a week.

We encourage you to start looking at your lawn and decide what the appropriate action is instead of asking, “How often should you mow your lawn?” Try to find out what types of grass you have to help you create a schedule.

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