How to Install Vinyl Siding: The Top Tips You Need

If you’re looking for home siding that can stand up to the elements, doesn’t require much maintenance, and is still affordable, then vinyl siding is likely a good fit for you.

Even better?

Understanding how to install vinyl siding on your own isn’t overly complicated. Plus, you can save even more money by taking a DIY approach.

Check out this list of the top tips and tricks for vinyl siding installation.

1. Nail the Right Way

When you’re ready to install vinyl siding, be on the lookout for one of the most common mistakes: improper nailing techniques.

If panels aren’t properly nailed in, they can become loose. Not only does this look unsightly, but it can also pose a big safety risk on a windy, stormy day.

When you’re nailing the siding down, push slightly upwards on the panel. This ensures that the pieces lock perfectly together. Just don’t push too hard, or you’ll break/bend the nail.

2. Invest in This Tool

Learning how to install vinyl siding is much easier once you have the right tools.

Protect your investment by purchasing a vinyl-siding blade, designed to perfectly cut your siding down to size. Don’t worry — they’re cheap!

If you try to use a wood saw blade, you’ll end up cracking the siding.

Use this handy guide to perfect your cutting technique.

3. Understand Overlap

One of the biggest benefits of vinyl siding is its ability to keep your home’s temperature consistent.

However, on especially hot days, the vinyl siding will stretch, and then contract once the temperature cools again.

To avoid major problems, we suggest that you install siding pieces so that they overlap one another by one inch.

Since you don’t want the seams to be visible, always begin each vinyl siding row at the back of your home, far from the line of sight.

4. Guard Against Water Damage

Water damage can completely destroy not just your siding, but also the entire foundation of your home.

During the siding installation process, you need to make sure that water won’t get trapped behind your corner posts (those directly above your roofline.)

Instead of placing the corner post directly against the shingles, raise up the corner post and put your J-channel underneath it.

This will stop water from pooling and seeping into your home, allowing it to freely flow through gutters and off of your home.

Follow These Tips for How to Install Vinyl Siding

Installing vinyl siding is much easier than you might think, and you can invest in high-quality materials thanks to saving on the cost of labor.

Now that you know how to install vinyl siding, what other kinds of improvements would you like to make to your home?

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