How to Move Quickly: Fast Tips for Relocating in a Hurry

Every year around 40 million Americans move at least once. If you’ve moved before, you know the hassle of trying to pack your whole life up to move.

Are you looking for tips on how to move quickly? Not to worry! In this guide, we’ll go over how to pack to move in a hurry.

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Sell Your Home

Getting your old home ready is the first step of the moving process. Make sure you declutter storage spaces, closets, and cabinets. Stage your home for sale by removing old furniture and personal belongings.

If you need to update your curb appeal, hire a carpenter. Know all your selling options. If you’re wondering, “Should I be selling my house quickly for cash or should I hire a realtor?”, you’ll want to do some research.

Get Organized

Make a list of tasks you’ll need to do for your last-minute move. You can hire a moving company or rent a truck.

Ask for a few quotes before renting a truck. If you don’t have help to move, you’ll want to locate a reputable moving company in your area right away. Find out if your company offers financial help with the move.

Declutter and Give Away Items

Walk through every room in your home and take items you don’t use anymore. Place these into a box that you can drop off at a local charity.

Work on sorting through your belongings before you move so you don’t bring unnecessary items to your new home.

Set Aside Important Documents

During the chaos of packing, it’s easy to lose important documents or medications. Pack a small bag with all the essential items you’ll need. This way, you won’t pack away anything you need to use every day.

Packing Tips

Focus on getting everything packed up, but don’t worry about sorting. When you’re under a time crunch, you might not have the freedom to pack items together.

Instead, get everything packed in a safe manner. You can sort everything when you get to your new home.

Label any boxes with fragile items. Wrap any breakable items with towels or clothing.

Keep your house manageable by keeping the space as clear as you can. Keep a few boxes out and fill them as you go. Once you’ve packed them up, tape them, and move them to a designated storage area.

For clothes from your closet, place a garbage bag around them. You can start from the bottom so you can tie the strings around the hangers.

If your dresser isn’t too heavy to carry, wrap packing material around it to keep it secure.

Call Friends and Family for Help

Moving is such a massive task that it can feel overwhelming if you’re alone. Call in your loved ones and ask for help.

They can help you stay on task and help get the job done quickly. Consider showing your appreciation after the fact by treating them to dinner.

Now You Know How to Move Quickly

We hope you found this guide on moving helpful. Now you know how to move quickly, so get excited about this next step in your life.

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