Improving Your Home: 6 Pro Tips for How to Make Your Home Cozy

Are you looking for ways to make your home feel more comfortable? Perhaps you’ve just moved in and need pointers are how to provide more comfort in the home. Maybe you’re just wanting to provide an upgrade to your home of several years.

Whatever the case might be, you don’t have to spend a fortune to boost your home’s coziness. Part of the comfort will be knowing you didn’t overspend to achieve it.

See below for tips on how to make your home cozy. Use this in-depth guide as a way to get maximum return on your investment.

1. Invest in Artwork

Who doesn’t appreciate a good piece of artwork? It makes the entire home more centered and peaceful. The great part about adding artwork is that beauty can be placed in the eye of the beholder.

You don’t have to try and flatter anyone else with the artwork you choose to place in your home. If it makes you happy, then that’s all that matters!

If you have neutral wall colors, then you won’t have to worry about the different colors in the artwork you choose. If you don’t have neutral wall colors, then try to find artwork with colors that match the vibe in each room. You’ll thank yourself later!

2. Maximize Lighting

Lighting plays a huge role in our lives. Natural lighting gives us many health benefits, while other lighting helps illuminate the darkest of spaces.

Think of it this way: you’re much more stress-free when you can see every aspect of the room. Putting in one overhead light won’t solve your problem. You need lighting of different shapes and kinds to bring more comfort!

Try mixing it up with things such as lamps, string lighting, track lighting, wall-mounted lights, or downlights in each room. If you’re trying to impress people, you might also consider a chandelier near the entryway of your home.

3. Creating a Healthy Budget

As previously mentioned, if you shop til you drop for a comfier home, you’ll find yourself less pleased with the outcome. 

Many people spend top dollar on certain items just because they have a top designer brand on them. However, taking the time to find more cost-effective pieces, materials, and other items can help you feel more comfortable about the investments you made.

Start by setting a realistic budget for this project. How much are you looking to add? Is there a specific date that you’re looking to finish by? What kind of pieces are you wanting to buy? How much do they cost?

Be sure to list each item that you want to add, then place a budget for each item on that list. This will hold you accountable to the budget by having smaller, more measurable goals to achieve.

Remember, you don’t have to finish this in one fell swoop. Adding a few features over time can help you ramp up the comfiness of your home and give you a larger budget to maximize.

4. Take Advantage of Rugs

Who doesn’t appreciate a nice, professionally-installed wood floor? It looks beautiful, lasts forever, and is worth its weight in gold.

The only problem is that during the wintertime, it can feel like you’re walking on a sheet of ice. The same goes for all different hard floor types. Unless you were born out in the snow, feeling like you’re walking on an iceberg probably isn’t comfortable.

For that reason, you need to maximize the different rugs that are out there on the market. They can add a different tone to any room and will give your feet relief from the cold winter floors.

5. Use the Touch of a Professional

Perhaps you understand the need to redesign your home and make it comfier, but you lack the motivation to do so. Many people want to switch up their home decor, but don’t have the skillset or passion to do so.

Lucky for you, there are many amazing interior designers out there who are willing to help. These professionals have an immense passion for home design and have a wealth of knowledge on the different materials, brands, and features to get the job done right.

To start, fill out this interior design questionnaire and you’ll be on your way to a healthier comfier home. The best tip on how to make a house feel homey is by joining forces with a professional.

6. Rid Your Home of Clutter

Of course, there are two sides to making your home feel comfier. First, is investing in more features to add to your home. Second is taking the time to go through your home and purge all non-essential items.

While that painting in your living room might be a family heirloom, if it’s cutting into your home’s comfort, it needs to be removed. Consider placing it in storage where it will remain safe and well-protected.

Try to keep your floors as spaced out as possible by removing old worn-out furniture, getting rid of old light fixtures, replacing old rugs, etc. 

Some things don’t have to be thrown out, they just need to be revitalized. For example, that old worn-out cabinet might just need to be sanded down and have a fresh coat of paint applied to it. Before you know it, it will look as if you bought a new cabinet.

How to Make Your Home Cozy: Replace, Reshape, and Redesign

Now that you’ve seen several tips on how to make your home cozy, be sure to use these pointers to your advantage.

Take the time to go through your home and make a list for different features you might be interested in adding on a room by room basis. 

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