Market Your Home Better: How to Make a Bedroom Look Bigger

Around 5.34 million existing homes were sold in the U.S. in 2018, and if you want to get buyer attention, you need to work on your home’s marketability.

While you want to make sure everything is in working condition, doing something simple like learning how to make a bedroom look bigger can play a role in getting the sale. 

Continue reading this article as we look into how to make your space look and feel bigger, so you can sell your home.

Open It to Other Rooms

Having a room that is blocked off to everything else is the quickest way to make it feel small and unwelcoming. When you’re dealing with a bedroom, you don’t want to have it totally open, but there are ways to keep your privacy while opening it up.

You can open up your room by putting in larger doors in your bedroom. You can make the closet and entry door bigger. If you have an ensuite, you can make the door to the bathroom bigger as well.

Use Built-in Shelving or Furniture

Built-in shelves and furniture can give you more room since you can choose the dimensions that are going to work for you. When you use built-in furniture, you can also use the furniture for storage, which allows you to use your space wisely.

Decrease the Furniture in the Room

The more furniture you have in a room, the less spacious it seems. If your room is really small, it might not make sense to have a coffee table in your living room. Instead of having a coffee table, you might put a couple of small side tables by your couch to put drinks down.

Think of ways you can make fewer pieces of furniture more functional, so you can keep the flow of your room open and airy.

Use Low Profile Furniture

Even if you’re using fewer pieces of furniture, it might be too big and bulky for your space. Using low profile furniture doesn’t take away the function you need for your comfort, but it does make the room look a lot bigger.

When you use tables and sofas that are low profile, you have more vertical space, which gives the appearance of a bigger room. You’ll also find it is less likely that you’ll hit your elbows and knees on the furniture since they don’t take up so much room. 

Use Mirrors

Mirrors create a greater sense of openness in any room. Make sure you are smart about where you place the mirror. If you put too many mirrors, it can make the room look like a funhouse maze.

If you get dressed in your room, look into using a full-length mirror that takes up a good amount of one of your walls. It can make the room look almost double in size because it mirrors the other side of your room.

Mirrors also make your bedroom look bigger because they reflect light.

Choose the Right Size and Color of Rug

When you’re choosing a rug for your space, rugs like this rug can make it look bigger or smaller. You have to make sure to choose the right size and color for your room.

If you choose a rug that is too small for your room, it will make the room feel choppy and disrupt the room’s flow. A rug that is the right size and color for your room can make it feel open and welcoming.

When you measure the rug to see if it is the right size, make sure all the furniture in the room will be able to sit on the rug. Even having all the front legs of the furniture on the rug can be enough to make the rug work and give your room the extra spice it needs.

Use Light Colors

Using light colors for the floor and walls makes the bedroom look bigger. You might enjoy the coziness and warm feeling of darker colors, but opt to use those on the furniture if you must.

Putting a light-colored rug on the floor and redoing the walls to white, light blue, or another light color will work wonders for the look and feel of the room.

Hang Shelves Near the Ceiling

Hanging shelves near the ceiling will draw people’s eyes up. If you are short and can’t reach the shelves, you might want to make this a decorative shelf, so you don’t have to use a step ladder all of the time to reach items you use on a daily basis.

Many people use these top shelves for books, fake plants, and other things that are pretty to look at but aren’t needed for use regularly.

Use Stripes

You already know vertical stripes make your look taller when you wear them, but you can use this same rule with your small bedroom. If you use stripes on the floor, put the stripes in the direction of the room that is the longest space for the best results of stripe usage.

How to Make a Bedroom Look Bigger – Now You Know

Now you know the tips and tricks on how to make a bedroom look bigger. When you hear people comment on how nice the space looks, you’ll realize how important your changes to the room were.

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