Modular Home vs Mobile Home: What’s the Difference?

In 2019 pre-manufactured homes are an $11 billion industry.

Empty-nesters, millennials who face soaring home prices, or those who want to be mortgage-free are all looking at modular or mobile homes instead of traditional housing.

But what are the differences between a modular home vs. mobile home? Are there advantages to one over the other? Read on to find out.

Mobile Homes

Also known as manufactured homes, mobile homes are built on a steel frame in an indoor, home-building facility.

Typically, these are set on cement blocks or metal pylons but can also be set on a foundation. Keep in mind that there are strict federal regulations and codes that mobile homes must abide by during construction.

These homes let people enjoy homeownership for a fraction of the cost. Plus, there are countless customization options to get the home exactly how you want. King-sized beds, quartz counters – it’s all possible in a mobile home.

Check out these mobile homes for sale to get an idea of what you can expect.

Modular Homes

A modular home has some similarities to a mobile home. For one thing, modular homes are pre-manufactured homes.

Modular homes are often built in sections. Depending on the size and design you choose, your modular home could be built in two, three, four or five sections.

The individual sections of modular homes are built in a climate-controlled home building facility.

These homes conform to all state, local and regional codes that apply based on the final location of the home. This is exactly the same as for traditionally site-built homes.

Once the sections are ready, they are transported to the final location on truck beds where they are joined together using cranes and placed on a permanent foundation. 

A building inspector might need to complete an inspection of the home once it is joined and in place. The inspector checks that the finished home meets all safety requirements and other standards. 

One of the best things about modular homes is that they continue to appreciate in value over time.

Main Differences Between Mobile Vs Modular Homes 

Usually, modular homes are placed on permanent foundations and have full basements, unlike mobile homes.

Also, modular homes are often larger and have full kitchens and washer and dryer hookups. Many even have fireplaces and dishwashers. 

Modular home vs. mobile homes tends to be more expensive per square foot. Yet, you can also opt for various upgrades like a sunroom, porch and a garage.

With both, you have lots of customization options and flexibility and of course, a lower total cost than buying a site-built house. 

Modular Home Vs. Mobile Home

Now you know the main differences between modular home vs. mobile home. Hopefully, this will help you in making the right decision on which type of home to choose.

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