Protect Your Property: 5 Super Important Apartment Security Tips

When you first move into an apartment, there are lots of things to consider. You have lease paperwork to sort through, checklists to complete, and new neighbors. With all that on your plate, it can be challenging to remember one of the most important details: your safety!

A lot of times, the potential dangers of your new living arrangement may not present themselves right away. Suddenly, you realize the lighting isn’t as good as you thought, or the sliding door doesn’t have a backup lock.

If you want to ramp up your apartment security, read on for five essential tips to protect you, your family, and your possessions.

1. Look at Your Home Like a Burglar Would

Walk around the outside of your home, looking in through windows or doors to see what you can easily spot. Do this during the day and at night for the best idea of what they could see.

  • Look for any big-ticket items like electronics, jewelry, or your purse that a burglar could quickly grab.
  • If you keep your blinds open at night with lights on, it’s like performing for anyone standing outside.
  • Check out any dark areas around the outside of your apartment where someone could hide.

2. Upgrade Your Locks

When you move in, ask your landlord to change your locks to make sure any previous tenants aren’t able to get in. If possible, add an extra lock on the interior of your home so that you be sure that your door is extra secure.

If you have a sliding glass door, put a plank of wood or broomstick handle in the track for an inexpensive fix to stop the door from opening. It’s also a good idea to add locks to your windows, so there are no easy ways to get in.

For a more secure option, consider consulting locksmith experts for the best way advice.

3. Remote-Controlled Lights

If you have a smart device, you can choose bulbs that can you can control remotely. These bulbs are a great way to bring life to your apartment if you’re on vacation or if you work at night. Since this option only affects the bulb, you can easily change them out and use them in your light fixtures.

4. Security Systems

Your landlord may not want you to install a wired alarm system, but most wireless systems are damage-free. You mount the control panel on your wall and use sensors that you stick to doorways and windows. The magnetic connection between two different sides will trigger the alarm if the link breaks.

5. Renter’s Insurance

If your apartment didn’t make you get renters insurance when you moved in, consider getting it for yourself. Having this insurance will cover any of your belongings should you experience theft inside or outside of your apartment.

Apartment Security: Keep Your Apartment Safe

You work hard for everything you have, so do your best to protect it. It may not be easy, and you may have to be creative to work around your landlords’ rules, but that shouldn’t stop you from finding ways to have peace of mind.

With a little creativity and determination, your apartment security can be as strict as you feel it should be. Never worry about theft or danger again!