Selling Your Home? 15 Exterior Home Design Ideas for Enhanced Curb Appeal

Did you know curb appeal is essential to selling your home? If you want to impress future buyers, we can help.

In this guide, we’ll go over exterior home design ideas. You’ll have new ideas to refresh the outside of your home.

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1. Replace Gutters

Does your home have an old gutter system? You might notice rust spots. Consider replacing your older gutters with snap-fit vinyl gutters. You won’t need lots of tools to install them.

A copper gutter system is another option. Copper systems are a little more expensive, but they look elegant.

2. Add Exterior Art

Improve your curb appeal by picking up weather-resistant artwork. Choose pieces that will complement your home’s exterior elements. Metal cutouts, sculptures, birdbaths, and wind chimes are great options.

A water sculpture will sound soothing. Place it near your front porch.

3. Paint Your Home

You could take on a more significant update like painting the siding or trim. A fresh coat of paint will transform your home.

Pick a brand new color or freshen the current shade.

4. Maintain Your Home

Make sure you keep up with exterior house maintenance. This way, you can keep your house in top condition.

Defects like rotting or cracked material can turn off potential buyers. Fix the defects and change your trim or shingles.

5. Freshen up Your Driveway

Is your driveway stained or cracked? Have you noticed new greenery growing from the cracks?

You can fix these issues without redoing your entire driveway. Start by getting rid of the weeds and repairing any cracks.

Do you need more room to park? Consider adding brick or stone to the sides of your driveway. You can widen it with a decorative border as well.

6. Clean up Your Walkways

We can focus too much on the landscaping of our home, and forget about our walkways.

Consider renting a pressure washer so you can clean off any grime or dirt from paths. You’ll notice a big difference after using a pressure washer.

Examine the pathway to make sure that bricks and stepping stones are secure. This way, guests and family walking to your home have a safe passage.

7. Paint Your Front Door

When you’re thinking about curb appeal, you’ll want to start with your front door. The front door is one of the first few things that a new guest or buyer will see.

Paint your front door a new color. A colorful front door can refresh your home. Consider a bold hue like yellow or red or a classic charcoal door. Make sure the color works well with the rest of your house.

8. Update Your Front Door Hardware

Have you considered upgrading your front door? You can buy quality and aesthetic hardware for less than 100 dollars at a hardware store.

Consider buying a keyless entry, which has become a popular and modern option.

9. Freshen up Entryway Accessories

Examine the light fixtures around your entryway. Consider updating to more modern light fixtures instead. You could also look into getting a brand new mailbox for your home.

If you don’t want to buy brand new, you could check out your local thrift store.

10. How Do Your Front Beds Look?

You can freshen up your entire property by mulching and edging your front beds. Your property will appear neater and well cared for with fresh mulch.

Buy mulch in bulk or bags from your local hardware store. Dark brown, black, or pine straw are the best options and appear more natural.

11. Give Foundation Plants and Trees a Trim

You can buy an electric pruner or rent one. Prune your foundation plants that are below windows and railings. Your home will appear neater and well-groomed.

Do you have any trees that are too close to your home? You might want to consider getting rid of that tree or clipping it. If you need help removing a tree, consider contacting Panddtreeservice.com.

12. Install Pathway Lighting

You can brighten up your home by installing lighting around your driveway or pathway. The landscape lighting will add ambiance to your home, but also prevent accidents. Solar driveway lighting is an affordable option.

13. Pressure Wash Your House and Deck

Rent a pressure washer from your home hardware store. Pressure washing is an affordable option to make your home appear new.

Hose down all the exterior surfaces. You will notice a difference right away.

14. Pick up Window Boxes

Add charm to your home by installing window boxes. You can pick boxes made from iron or copper. Some people prefer to pick up painted wood window boxes.

Add different flowers to your flower box that suit the lighting condition.

15. Add Seating to Your Porch

Invite guests over and sit outside on your porch. Consider revamping your porch by buying new comfortable furniture.

Rocking chairs are a popular option. You can relax and sway in the wind while enjoying a beverage with friends.

A small table and a couple of chairs will work as a resting spot. Guests and potential buyers will notice this comfortable setting right away.

Now You Know More Exterior Home Design Ideas

We hope this guide on modern exterior home design ideas was helpful. Consider what projects you would like to tackle.

Improve your curb appeal by freshening your flower beds or painting your front door. Use these exterior home design ideas to update the outside of your home.

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