Skylight Installation: 6 Tips for Installing a Skylight to Your Home

Are you considering installing a skylight on the roof of your home? Doing so can provide your property with an incredible source of natural lighting. It can help your home feel comfy and cozy, even in the harsh winter months.

More importantly, it will differ your house from so many others. Since not every roof has the capability to have one in the first place, your home will flaunt it’s skylight feature day and night.

See below for several tips on skylight installation that you should consider before committing to it. Be sure to give this process a fair bit of thought as you weigh out whether or not to put one in.

1. Consider the Roof You Have

As previously mentioned, not all roofs are created equal. Some have the proper construction to install a skylight in, others do not.

There are generally two types of framing within a roof: truss-framed and stick-framed. 

Truss-framed roofs are pre-assembled in the manufacturing stage and rely on structures and joints that are unremovable. They were assembled before they even arrived for construction on your home.

That makes them unable to be used for installing skylights. To mess with the truss would be risking the total integrity of your roof.

Stick-framed roofs, on the other hand, are much easier to install a skylight in. They offer plenty of space for you to cut out room for a skylight in between the separate rafters.

If you’re unsure of whether your roof is fit for a skylight, be sure to reach out to trusted skylight installation contractors for help.

2. Opt for Domed Skylights

Imagine the horror of going through the construction process to fit a skylight in your roof, then waking up to find it covered in debris from a storm. Now you’ve added the chore of climbing the stairs and sweeping debris off your roof to your chore list.

In order to avoid this horror, you should consider purchasing domed skylights which will prevent leaves, branches, and other debris from settling on top of it. That will keep your skylight clear of any blockage.

If your roof is at an angle, then you might not necessarily need a domed skylight, as the debris should naturally slide off due to the angle. Be sure to ask your contractor which one they’d recommend for your situation.

3. Ensure the Construction Process Is Quick

Simply put: you cannot afford to have the skylight installation project take much longer than a few days. The installation company you hire has to have urgency with their projects.

Why? Because one day of bad weather can sabotage all of your plans. If it rains as they’re installing the skylight, it might trap moisture inside, thus risking things like mold growth in the roof of your home.

Before you hire a company for skylight installation, be sure to ask them about how they plan to perform this project. The contractor should provide you with a clear picture of how long it will take and what their backup plan is if it starts to rain.

4. Chose Your Preferred Materials

Perhaps the biggest concern of yours about implementing a skylight is the risk associated with putting glass in a part of your roof. However, you might not realize that glass isn’t the only skylight option you have.

You can also purchase glazing that’s made of plastic which is more budget-friendly, lighter, and more durable. However, it scratches relatively easy and starts to show its age due to the constant UV light exposure.

Glass, on the other hand, offers you a more clear display, more customizable, and holds its age better. In fact, the only real drawback with glass glazing is the fear of it breaking easier. 

However, that concern can be resolved by purchasing a skylight that is double-paned, thus making it twice as strong. Consider all your options in order to choose the material that’s right for you.

5. Purchase A Skylight With Some Tint

One of the biggest concerns that you should have with installing a skylight (or several skylights) in your roof is the energy efficiency.

You want to make sure that they won’t turn your house into a human oven that forces your monthly energy bill to skyrocket. Luckily, you can combat that concern by purchasing a window with tinted glass.

The tint will help protect your home from all the harmful UV rays, thus reducing the amount of heat that comes inside. Not to worry though, you’ll still have all the natural lighting that you’re looking for!

6. Location, Location, Location

Location is everything in home decor, and the location of your future skylight(s) is no different. In fact, the line between where you’d like to put in a skylight and where you should install a skylight can sometimes be very different.

For that reason, start thinking of all the places in your house where you’d enjoy putting a skylight in and make a list.

Then take that list to the contractor you hire and see what they think about your ideas for skylight location. They might have some feedback or recommendations of their own, so be sure to hear them out.

Use These Skylight Installation Tips In Your Plans

Now that you’ve seen several skylight installation tips, it’s time to start piecing together your plans for adding skylights to your roof.

Be sure to consult your contractor about the different ideas you have and see how realistic they are for your home.

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