The Hottest Must-Have Home Features in 2020

Most of us have fantasized about the features we’d want in our dream home. From walk-in closets to energy-efficient appliances, certain features will win us over every time.

What are modern home buyers looking for? Keep reading for some of the hottest must-have home features in 2020.

Modern Kitchens

While we still consider the kitchen “the heart of the home,” the room is now more important than ever. Homeowners see their kitchens as a space to delight and entertain. With the open floor plan living concept becoming a trend, the kitchen is now an integral part of a home’s interior design.

Modern home buyers are looking for sleek cabinets with shiny fronts or glass inserts. You’ll also see open shelving, under-cabinet lighting, and pops of color.

Home Office Space

Working remotely is now standard for over 50% of the American population. Because of this, many buyers are searching for homes with ample office space.

Home offices have gone the way of kitchens: clean lines and open shelving. No more bulky filing cabinets and fussy furniture. Buyers are looking for simple spaces with lots of light.

Natural Features

Not only does our food have to be organic, but now our homes have to be too.

Today’s trends lean towards homes that are designed with natural elements such as reclaimed wood, ceiling beams, and exposed brick. Slate or polished concrete flooring is a look many buyers are seeking in 2020.

These “organic” homes are few, but more are popping up across the country. To see what’s available in your area, search “real estate listings near me.

Walk-In Closet

97% of surveyed realtors say homeowners crave closet space over a basement and attic storage space.

A walk-in closet in the master bedroom has become a top-desired feature for homebuyers. For many, it’s vital and the absence of one may squash any potential deal.

Energy Efficiency

As people become more energy-conscious, they’re looking to use less energy when in their homes. Improved energy-efficiency is a feature that buyers are looking for and will pay more to get it.

Whether it’s energy-efficient appliances, lightning, or modern windows and doors to lower electricity bills, homebuyers value these features.

Buyers are also looking at how well insulated today’s homes are. They want to know that high-quality insulation has been installed correctly and that it will provide top-notch energy efficiency.

Laundry Room

Most buyers favor owning a laundry room. They like it to be upstairs, close to the bedrooms, or on the main floor near the kitchen. Younger generations want laundry rooms too, but prefer stacked washers and dryers for their space-saving qualities.

Laundry rooms are a must-have because of the convenience they add to a home. It’s important to have a dedicated space to wash, dry, fold, and hang all of your laundry behind closed doors. Buyers don’t want their messy laundry piles visible to guests in their home.

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