The New Homeowner’s Guide to Furnace Maintenance

As a new homeowner, the last thing you want to think about is your furnace. But, if you prepare for the cool weather before the first snow falls, you’ll ensure your new home is warm and cozy. By keeping up with your furnace maintenance, you’ll save money by enhancing the efficiency of your furnace system. Maintenance also extends the life of your heating system.

Are you prepared to turn on the heat when the cold weather looms?

An important part of furnace maintenance is having it serviced by a fully licensed professional. This way, you’ll make sure your heat works when you need it during the cold winter months. Read more about keeping your heating system up and running no matter what type of furnace you have.

5 Preventative Furnace Maintenance Tips

Remember that your furnace is an investment just like your new home. To avoid costly repairs, you can do some preventative maintenance yourself. But, some furnace service should be left to furnace repair professionals.

1. Check the Furnace Flue

Your furnace flue is a pipe that releases the byproducts like carbon monoxide. Make sure you keep your flue free from obstructions. This will ensure that the flue vents properly. It also decreases the workload of your furnace and safely removes toxic fumes.

2. Inspect Your Doors and Windows for Leaks

Did you know that according to, heating your home is 42 percent of your utility costs? So, if you can stop your heat from escaping through leaky doors and windows, you can conserve energy. If you find any leaks around your windows and doors, install new weather stripping or caulking to prevent air loss.

3. Replace the Filter

You should replace your filter every three to four months. This reduces the workload on your furnace and makes it more energy efficient. If you have pets, your filter can become clogged with fur and dander.

4. Inspect Your Ductwork

If air escapes from your ducts, it can cause inefficient heating from your furnace. This can strain your heating system. Check your ductwork for tears and open joints. Fix ducts with duct tape or contact a furnace service company to inspect and repair your ductwork.

5. Schedule an Annual Furnace Tune-Up

One of the first things to do as a new homeowner is to schedule an annual tune-up of your furnace. This increases its performance and identifies any problems before you’re left without heat on a cold day.

An annual tune-up also reveals any potential hazards from carbon monoxide leaks and worn equipment that could become fire hazards. Furnace tune-ups usually include checking your burner, motor, fans, loose wiring and thermostat operation.

With a better performing furnace and the prevention of any problems, you’ll save money on your monthly heating bills and the cost of major repairs.

Stay Warm With Simple Furnace Maintenance

By performing basic furnace maintenance, you’ll ensure you’ll have heat during the cold months. Also, keep your furnace performing the way it should by scheduling annual or semi-annual professional furnace service for increased efficiency, safety and comfort in your new home.