Top 7 Property Management Blogs to Follow in 2020

Property management is a $75 billion – and growing – business. How can you stay on top of your game with so much competition?

One way to get ahead is to always keep your ear to the ground for advances in the industry. An easy and convenient solution is to read property management blogs.

With over 500 million blogs online, which ones are the best to follow? We’ve got seven blogs that property managers can’t afford to miss — keep reading!

1. AAOA Property Management News

The American Apartment Owners Association, or AAOA, has a wealth of resources. Here you can find information on tenant credit checks, vendor information, and everything in between.

Breaking news or how-to tips can be found in their feed. A must-read for apartment managers.

2. Multifamily Executive

Multifamily Executive blog offers all the industry news you need in one place. They go beyond property management and offer insights on housing market trends, demographics, and more.

From the latest property management tech to industry info on things like local mortgage lender OR RōBUS Mortgage, turn to Multifamily Executive.

3. Reddit — Property Management

Go on Reddit and you start to feel like Alice chasing the White Rabbit down a hole. There’s a lot of information from a lot of people.

On the property management Reddit, there’s plenty of property managers just like you. This is a great place to turn to if you’re just starting out or have a tricky situation to resolve.

4. 30 Lines

The world is changing, and tech is a big part of it. Property management isn’t immune.

30 Lines helps you understand what new technologies are on the market and how they can help you run your business.

5. Real Property Management

Real Property Management manages tens of thousands of properties. It’s no wonder they’re the largest in North America.

You know with so many years in the business and with so many properties, they’ve seen it all. Tap into their blog for insight into everything you need to know about the business.

6. AppFolio Property Manager

AppFolio Property Manager offers property management software. Their blog is easy to read and up to date with the latest business news, tips, and tricks.

When you need to brush up on your business during lunch hour or after work, turn to this quick, easily digestible blog.

7. Property Management Insider

Need to know more about market data? Have a question about managing revenue?

Property Management Insider has blog posts on all manner of subjects related to everything property managers need to know. Improve your management strategy and read their blog every month.

Property Management Blogs and More

These property management blogs are a great way to get started. Go beyond blogs and get involved with the community.

Read the latest info but also join relevant groups on social media. Peer to peer info sharing is helpful and gives you resources you can lean on for specific issues.

Better, yet – you can always start your own blog. You’ve got unique experiences to share with the world, too.

If you want to learn more about improving your properties, check out more home improvement tips and tricks right here on our blog!