Utilize the Wall Space in Your Home With These Great Shelving Ideas and Concepts

While the average family isn’t going to wind up on reality TV’s Hoarders, studies show that Americans have more clutter than anyone else in the world. One interesting statistic showing this is that while the US only has 3.1% of the world’s children, it consumes 40% of the world’s toys.

This is just one market, so you can imagine how much Americans buy in other, more essential areas. If you’re someone who wants to clean up your life a little bit, you likely have thought about installing more shelving into your home. Still, knowing exactly how to create shelving space to clear up clutter is a challenge.

Here, we’re going to give you some awesome shelving ideas to make sure each room in your house is neat and tidy.

For the Bedroom

Having a cluttered bedroom isn’t a fun experience. How can you be expected to relax when clothes and books are strewn everywhere? You can’t.

If you have books or trinkets that you want on display or to have easy access to, one unique way you can shelve items is by color. Rainbow bookshelves are all the rage right now, and why wouldn’t they? They’re art in and of themselves!

For the Bathroom

In the bathroom, there are some items you may not want on display. We get it! From medication to menstrual products, the bathroom is a place that we keep some of the most private essentials in our lives.

Consider creating shelving space within a cabinet to store- and hide- these items. Keeping them covered will clear up clutter while preserving your privacy.

For the Kitchen

One of the coolest kitchen shelving trends is installing hanging hooks onto the wall or the bottoms of shelves. It’s cheap, easy, and requires basically no work, so there’s no reason not to look into it.

You can use these hooks to hang kitchen essentials like pots, pans, and stirring spoons. This makes them not only look organized but allows you to have easy access to whatever you might need while cooking.

For Your Living Space

Your living room is another area that you’re going to want to install shelves. Think about the things you use most and shelve them by your seating area. This will give you easy access. 

On the other hand, you can shelve things that you use less often behind other items. This will clear up space and present a clearer picture to anyone who walks into your home.

This is, even more, the case if you decide you ever want to sell or rent out your house. A real estate company wants to see that your home is neat and tidy before engaging with potential buyers. Start de-cluttering now in case you may do this in the future.

More Shelving Ideas

While organizing can be difficult, it’s crucial to living a comfortable life. Shelving helps by getting things you don’t need out of the way, reducing clutter, and preventing you from losing things.

Now that you have some great shelving ideas for the most essential rooms in your home, check out the ‘about us’ section on our page! Here, you’ll learn a little about the knowledgeable professionals that can help you during any remodeling process.

Good luck!