Want to Buy Property in Dubai?: Here’s What to Know First

Property prices in Dubai are down 30% from their peak in 2014. 

This area remains a popular region when it comes to tourism and business, so there’s a good chance that prices will rise soon. Thus, if you’re looking for an investment opportunity, buying property in Dubai might be a good option. 

Below you’ll discover some tips on how you can buy property in Dubai. If you want to benefit from the current dip in the Dubai property market, this post will show you how to get started. 

Let’s begin!  

Why Are You Buying the Property? 

Your reasons for buying a property will have a significant impact on the location you decide to invest in.

If you’re just looking for a holiday home, you probably don’t care as much about the property rising in value. Following this, you may be OK with buying a property that’s in one of the quieter areas of Dubai. 

However, if you’re buying a property with the intent of making a future profit, you should invest in apartments that are in popular regions. 

An example of this might be an apartment in the AG Tower, which is located in the “Business Bay.”

Property in this region will likely rise in value, or at least remain steady since the area is so popular. This increases your chances of making a profit, should you later decide to sell the property. 

Due Diligence is Important

You should try to investigate a property in person, before handing over any money.

Yes, traveling to Dubai can be a difficult task, but it’s often worth taking this step. Otherwise, you may be duped by a property developer that has sold you a flat that doesn’t even exist yet! 

If you come across a promising property, think about hiring a property surveyor. This individual will be able to give the property a once over, and they can then tell you if there’s anything wrong with it. 

Hire a Local

If you want to avoid mistakes, it can be a good idea to hire a local expert. 

This individual will have a good understanding of the rules you need to follow when buying a property in Dubai. After all, you don’t want to end up with a steep fine because you forgot to fill out a piece of paperwork.

A local expert will also know how you can take to protect yourself from bad deals. That’s because they likely have a bunch of other clients in your position, so they’ve likely developed a few best practices. 

Time to Buy Property in Dubai? 

If you’re looking to buy property in Dubai, the tips in this post should help you get the ball rolling. 

Buying property in this region can be complicated, and so it’s vital you don’t rush into anything. 

You may encounter a seller that’s pressuring you into a deal, and they may tell you that they have other buyers lined up. If that happens, don’t play into their games, and take all the time you need. 

Yes, there’s a chance that you might miss out on a good deal. But bowing out is often better than getting caught up in a lousy deal that affects you for years to come. 

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