What’s the Proper Way to Display a US Flag? 5 Helpful Tips

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, social distance and isolation have become a regular part of our American lives. Now more than ever, it’s important to remember that we don’t stand alone.

Seeing the stars and stripes waving in the breeze reminds us that, even while distant, we’re all united. In this guide, we’ll teach you the proper way to display a US flag so you, too, can help keep this unity alive.

This guide gives you 5 helpful tips about flag display etiquette so you can fly our nation’s colors with dignity and grace. Follow these 5 steps when hanging an American flag.

1. Proper Way to Display a US Flag

The generally accepted/most common way to display an American flag is from a pole on the front of your home. The pole should be inclined at a 45-degree angle, but a horizontal pole is fine, too.

Your US flag should have designated holes for the rope of the flagpole to go through. In any case, the flag and flagpole must be securely fastened. It would be disgraceful for this symbol of our nation to come loose and be blown around on the ground like litter in the wind.

Therefore, always be careful to follow the flagpole kit instructions that come with the flagpole.

2. Get a Reliable Flagpole

To add to that last point, avoid amateurish attempts at making your own flagpole. And beware of bargain-quality flagpoles. Read user reviews before you purchase and buy reliable products from a reliable brand.

Honoring the flag is a serious duty. You must be sure your flag will remain in place with the flagpole setup you choose.

3. Taking Down/Transporting Your Flag

To keep your outdoor flag in good condition, pay attention to local weather reports. Hard rain, snow, hail, or wind can damage/fray your flag. If such weather is on the way, take your flag down.

Do not let your flag touch the ground when taking it down, transporting it, or storing it. Fold it properly for storage and keep it protected in a sealed bag or bin if you can.

4. Retiring Your Flag

To help Americans respect the flag, an official US Flag Code is written into the laws of our nation. These are the official guidelines on how to respect the US flag, including when to retire it. To summarize, it says that any flag that has touched the floor or is damaged, torn, stained, or generally in bad condition should be retired.

Do not throw it away. To “retire” the flag means to destroy it respectfully. The commonly accepted way is to burn it.

5. Half Staff Etiquette

Another official rule of flag care is hanging your flag at half-mast when ordered. You can find out when, and for how long, to hang your flag at half staff by visiting HalfStalf.org. If you display your flag every day, you must check this site every day as well.

Display Your US Flag With Honor

Fly your star-spangled banner with the respect it deserves. Follow these tips on the proper way to display a US flag.

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