Which Home Amenities Are Non-Negotiable When Buying a House?

Are you planning to sell your current house? Are you in the middle of scouting for a new one? Regardless if it’s a brand new or pre-owned property, the property must come with certain home amenities you cannot live without.

Though the housing market experienced an abrupt slowdown because of the pandemic, it doesn’t mean you should throw all your non-negotiable home amenities out of the window. You can at least trim down your list and retain the ones that should matter the most.

But what exactly are these house features that most homebuyers include in their list of amenities? 

Continue reading below as we discuss some of the most essential amenities to consider when buying a house.

1. A Good Roof

Since a roof plays an integral part in protecting the home against rain and other external elements, a good roof is non-negotiable. If you are buying a pre-owned house, examine the condition of the roof. 

Do you see any loose or missing shingles? If there are, then you may consider replacing them. When it comes to the roofing materials, there are plenty to choose from. 

Asphalt shingles are the most popular choice. They are light, easy to install, and the most affordable type. But there are other notable options to consider.

You can go for metal, shake, slate, rock, or wood. But if you are buying a house with a relatively newer roof, expect a lower homeowners’ insurance rate. 

Furthermore, examine the condition of the ceiling. Check if there are any signs of water streaks or discoloration. These are signs of water damage (more on this issue later).

2. The Kitchen

Moving over inside the house, you need to closely examine the kitchen. Check the appliances and see if they are all in good working condition. This is crucial since non-working appliances mean replacing them with new ones. 

Moreover, you want a kitchen that comes with many cabinets. Look for one that comes with under-cabinet lighting. This is useful, especially when tossing some quick dishes.

As for the sink, it depends on your preference. Some of the best ones are dual or triple sinks, as well as a farm-style sink.

You also want to go for a kitchen that comes with islands and wet bars. These will give you more space to create your dishes and prepare food. Additionally, check if the kitchen comes with warming drawers and wine refrigerators.

Last but not least, you also want a kitchen that features granite countertops. Not only are these countertops durable, but they also increase your home’s resale value.

3. The Bathroom

Next to the kitchen, the bathroom is one of those home amenities you should pay extra attention to. Apart from the plumbing fixtures (more on this later), check the condition of the shower and the tub. Are there any cracks or chipping on the tub?

Furthermore, you want your master bathroom sink to be dual or triple type. However, concrete sinks are also excellent alternatives. Click on the link for the different benefits of concrete sinks.

Moreover, you want to have enough cabinets and drawers in your bathroom. Some built-in dressing vanities are a big plus. The same thing goes for your vanity mirrors and shelves in the showers.

As for the surfaces, you want to go for stone or tile. Additionally, heated floors are great if you have extra money to spare.

4. Heating and Cooling

One of the most important major systems is your heating, ventilation, and cooling (HVAC). Check the heating and air-conditioning units if they are in good condition. Do the same thing with the water heater.

In case you’re buying a relatively older house, take the home’s temperature. Make sure the furnace is still working. This is a must-have, especially during winter. 

Overlooking the home’s HVAC will cost you a lot. You will have to spend on the repairs if not for the soaring electrical bills.

5. Plumbing

Like the HVAC, plumbing is another integral home system that is non-negotiable. Never buy a house that has all sorts of plumbing issues. 

Check for molds or foul smell especially in the bathroom. These are telltale signs of water damage. Do the same thing with the pipes in the kitchen. 

You want a house without any leaking pipes. As we mentioned earlier, check for any signs of water damage. This problem can cause numerous headaches for any homeowner.

Firstly, water damage is the root of molds and mildews. When your family inhales molds, they can develop different kinds of respiratory ailments. For starters, they may trigger allergy attacks.

You may experience sneezing, coughing, and itchy eyes. You may also develop dry and scaly skin. They can also trigger asthma attacks. You may experience wheezing and shortness of breath, among others.

And if you do not address water damage, it may affect the integrity of your house’s foundation. In the end, you will have to pay thousands of dollars in repairs.

Additionally, check for any smell of gas or sewage. When the smell of sewage seeps inside the house, it may be a sign of a clogged sewage system. This is likely to happen in older properties.

Tree roots can block and break pipes after several years. When this happens, expect the foul stench of sewage inside the house.

6. Insulation

One of the keys to enjoying excellent indoor temperature is insulation. Thus, invest in a well-insulated house. Insulation helps your HVAC work in optimal conditions.

A house with poor insulation will make your HVAC work double-time. This becomes more evident during summer and winter. When this happens, you can expect your monthly energy expenses to go up.

When scouting for a new home, make sure there is insulation in key areas. These areas include the heating ducts, the water pipes, and the attic if there’s one.

Insulating your attic can save you as much as 30% of your heating and cooling expenses.

7. Storage Space

Another non-negotiable that people tend to overlook is storage space. But not just any type of storage space; you want clever storage space. This means homes with cabinets mounted against the walls in key areas.

Another good example is pull-out cabinets underneath the staircase. These are cabinets where you can keep all your shoes and sandals. Furthermore, you can go for a house with cabinets behind the walls. 

The key behind clever storage is making the most out of empty spaces. Additionally, it is wise to go for a master bedroom with a walk-in closet. This type of closet gives you more space to store clothes and other items compared to cabinets with sliding doors. 

The same thing goes for your kitchen. You want to invest in one that comes with walk-in pantries. These pantries may feature open cabinets and shelves with a countertop.

8. Smart Tech

If you are someone who is always on the go, you want to accomplish minor tasks with ease. These include simple tasks like opening the lights or turning off certain appliances.

Thus, you need to invest in a property that features smart home technology. Programmable lighting allows you to turn your indoor lights on even if you are still in the driveway. On the flip side, it also lets you turn off the lights as you are getting out of the driveway.

Apart from the lights, you also want something that comes with a programmable thermostat. This will help ensure that your home is at the right temperature even before you step inside the house. 

Additionally, having programmable fixtures ensures you will not leave anything open in case you leave the house for a couple of days.

9. Quality Flooring

You also want to invest in a house that comes with high-quality flooring. A home with hardwood floors is a good buy. Hardwood floorings give off that clean and elegant look. 

It will also last longer than carpets and is easier to maintain. Another popular option is tile. Like wood, tile flooring is also durable and resilient.

10. A Laundry Room

A house with a laundry room is also more appealing to prospective buyers. With a designated laundry room, you no longer need to go out and wash your clothes. Moreover, a laundry room ensures that the washing machine doesn’t create that much indoor noise. 

Additionally, a laundry room means you don’t need to dry your clothes traditionally. There’s no need for you to hang your clothes on a clothesline and hope for good weather.

11. The Dining Area

Never buy a house without a spacious dining area. The dining area is one of the best places where the entire family can bond and make memories.

You want to have a dining room that is separate from the kitchen. Compared to an open-space layout, a separate kitchen gives off a cozy vibe. It gives your guests a sense of importance as they can sit on a chair instead of eating while standing on a kitchen island.

But in case the home that you want comes with an open floor plan, incorporate some over-the-table lighting fixture. This will illuminate a specific area in your living room, which you can reserve for dining. 

12. The Master Bedroom

Your master bedroom is like a sanctuary. It is an area where you can forget about all your cares and worries. It is a space where you should have the freedom to relax and unwind without any apprehensions.

Thus, make sure the master bedroom fits your requirements. You want a bedroom to have enough space to house your important belongings. A walk-in closet is a good investment.

Moreover, you want to have easy access to the master bathroom. 

13. Energy-Star Rating 

Earlier, we mentioned the need for insulation and an HVAC system that is in great working condition. Take things a notch higher by going for a house that has a positive energy-star rating. 

This rating means the house is energy-efficient. It may feature energy-efficient windows and doors. It may also come with appliances that consume energy smartly. 

Furthermore, some houses feature solar panels. These panels will help reduce your monthly energy consumption significantly.

14. Multi-Car Garage

Do you have more than one vehicle? Or perhaps you’re planning to get a new one for your growing family? Then it is essential to buy a house with a multi-car garage.

The good thing about a property with a garage is it can help keep your vehicle safe. It gives your car protection against environmental elements. It also keeps your car away from vandalism or theft.

Furthermore, you want a garage that has ample space to add cabinets. Also, you want a garage that offers space beyond the space for your vehicles. Here, you can store a plethora of items like chairs, tables, and other stuff you only use seasonally.

15. Private Patio or Backyard

Last but not least, consider investing in a house that comes with a patio or backyard. If you are someone who has lots of relatives or invites friends often, a patio or backyard will be your best friend.

A backyard gives you a space for that weekend barbecue with guests. It can also serve as an area where your kids and their friends can play. You can set up slides and swings if you have a big backyard.

Meanwhile, a patio can be your place of Zen. You can hang out on the patio while reading your favorite book. You can also use it to accommodate a few guests while enjoying some tea.

Don’t Stop at Home Amenities

Now that you have an idea of some of the non-negotiable home amenities, you can streamline your options and find the best home faster. But these amenities are only part of what makes a home a great one. 

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