Why Do People Move? 7 Key Reasons for Selling a House

Moving, it seems, is becoming more common than ever before. In fact, on average, about 40 million people in the U.S. alone move to a new home every single year.

But why do people move? What are some of the driving factors that cause them to make the decision to leave their home behind for a new opportunity?

Here’s a closer look at seven of the most common reasons people sell their homes.

Why Do People Move?

1. They Need More Space

Many times, when people buy their first home, it’s not intended to be the place in which they live forever. Instead, these are known as starter homes, and eventually, families start to outgrow them.

It could be that they need more yard space to accommodate the new family dog, or more bedrooms, or a bigger garage. Regardless of their specific needs, they need more space and a new house is a perfect solution.

2. They’re Moving to a New Location

Sometimes, life takes you to a new city, state, or even country. Whether people are moving to a new location because of a new job opportunity or just because they want a change of scenery, they’ll typically need to sell their house in order to do so.

Many times, when moving to a new area, they’ll need to sell their house quickly, so they might turn to a “we buy houses company” to get the ball rolling.

3. They’re Experiencing Relationship Changes

As personal relationships change, many times housing needs do as well. If a couple is moving in together for the first time or getting ready to be married, they might move into a new place to call their own.

Likewise, if a couple is divorcing, they will look for a new place to start the next chapter of their lives.

4. Their Financial Situation Changes

In the event of a promotion or starting a new job with a higher salary, people might take that opportunity to move into a more expensive house.

On the other side of things, if someone is laid off or fired, they might need to move to a more affordable home while they adjust to these changes.

5. Their Family Is Changing

A young couple that’s expecting their first child might look to move into a bigger house that can accommodate their growing family. Or, empty nesters, whose children have all moved out might want to downsize to a smaller place.

As a family changes, their home needs change as well, often leading them to move.

6.  Their Home Needs Too Much Work

Countless home remodeling television shows make it look like anyone can do their next home project themselves. But, the reality is that few people have the time, skills, or desire to tackle a big project.

When a home gets to the point that it needs a lot of work done, some people find it easier to just move than to try to deal with the stress of a remodel.

7. They’re Experiencing Health Issues

As people get older, they might start to develop mobility issues, making it hard to move around their home. Elderly homeowners might decide to move from a two-story home to a ranch instead, so they don’t have to worry about using stairs.

Similarly, if a family member requires the use of a wheelchair to get around, they might move to a place with more accessibility.

Good News for Buyers

As you can see, there are many different answers to the question, “Why do people move?”

This is good news for buyers, as it means that homes are constantly popping up for sale. Where one family’s journey ends, another can begin.