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8901 arvida ln
8901 Arvida Ln, Coral Gables, 33156
Year: 2007 Beds: 6
Sq.Ft: 103,707 Baths: 9/3
Price: $45,000,000
85 arvida pkwy
85 Arvida Pkwy, Coral Gables, 33156
Year: 2005 Beds: 8
Sq.Ft: 36,155 Baths: 7/2
Price: $21,400,000
390 casuarina concourse
390 Casuarina Concourse, Coral Gables, 33143
Year: 2017 Beds: 7
Sq.Ft: 62,400 Baths: 8/3
Price: $19,000,000
181 leucadendra dr
181 LEUCADENDRA DR, Coral Gables, 33156
Year: 2004 Beds: 7
Sq.Ft: 48,274 Baths: 7/1
Price: $17,900,000
631 arvida pkwy
631 Arvida Pkwy, Coral Gables, 33156
Year: 2009 Beds: 6
Sq.Ft: 39,306 Baths: 7/1
Price: $16,900,000
515 casuarina concourse
515 Casuarina Concourse, Coral Gables, 33143
Year: 2003 Beds: 8
Sq.Ft: 70,727 Baths: 8/2
Price: $12,950,000
80 leucadendra dr
80 Leucadendra Dr, Coral Gables, 33156
Year: 1973 Beds: 5
Sq.Ft: 48,533 Baths: 6/1
Price: $12,900,000
540 leucadendra dr
540 Leucadendra Dr, Coral Gables, 33156
Year: 2018 Beds: 6
Sq.Ft: 41,485 Baths: 9/
Price: $10,999,999
641 leucadendra dr
641 LEUCADENDRA DR, Coral Gables, 33156
Year: 1969 Beds: 5
Sq.Ft: 54,984 Baths: 5/1
Price: $9,950,000
390 casuarina concourse
390 Casuarina Concourse, Coral Gables, 33143
Year: 1963 Beds: 6
Sq.Ft: 62,400 Baths: 5/1
Price: $9,550,000
395 leucadendra dr
395 Leucadendra Dr, Coral Gables, 33156
Year: 1972 Beds: 5
Sq.Ft: 56,017 Baths: 7/1
Price: $8,975,000
135 leucadendra dr
135 Leucadendra Dr, Coral Gables, 33156
Year: 1978 Beds: 6
Sq.Ft: 41,287 Baths: 5/
Price: $8,850,000
705 arvida pw
705 ARVIDA PW, Coral Gables, 33156
Year: 1968 Beds: 4
Sq.Ft: 4,287 Baths: 3/0
Price: $8,450,000
650 leucadendra dr
650 Leucadendra Dr, Coral Gables, 33156
Year: 1964 Beds: 5
Sq.Ft: 37,696 Baths: 5/
Price: $6,950,000
650 leucadendra dr
650 LEUCADENDRA DR, Coral Gables, 33156
Year: 1964 Beds: 5
Sq.Ft: 37,696 Baths: 5/0
Price: $6,950,000
331 casuarina concourse
331 Casuarina Concourse, Coral Gables, 33143
Year: 1988 Beds: 6
Sq.Ft: 32,670 Baths: 6/1
Price: $6,475,000

About Gables Estates

The Ultimate in privacy, security, and luxury living. Gables Estates is in a by itself. Many would not even call these breathtaking residences a mere home; they are more than that. Much more. The residences within this uber-exclusive waterfront neighborhood are grand estates that are fit for royalty. Many find this community to be one of the best in the United States for a number of reasons. The fabulous year-round tropical weather highlights this community, allowing for a highly active lifestyle, whether you love yachting or watersports or merely gazing out at the picturesque aquamarine waters of the bay.

Nestled within the most desirable area of Coral Gables, the Gables Estates homes for sale are nothing short of extravagant and decadent. The location of the community just to the South of Cocoplum offers its unique blend of privacy, while not compromising accessibility to the most desirable areas of the city. There aren't many streets within this chic neighborhood. The Gables Estates is well known for Casuarina Concourse, Arvidia Parkway, and Leucadendra Drive. The houses range in price from a modest $5,000,000, to begin with, expanding all of the way up to $50,000,000 for a nine bedroom palace.

Gables Estates homes are considered to be the six-star version of property within Miami-Dade County. The development sits west of Coconut Grove, southwest of the downtown Miami area and runs along Biscayne Bay. Residents enjoy the tranquil lifestyle of living on the water in the part of the city that is nicknamed as 'City Beautiful'. The overall area of the community comprises more than 200 acres of prime real estate with 164 homes. The unique striding waterways are filled with deep water that is perfectly suitable for sizeable yachts that go hand-in-hand with the decadent mansions built on the beautiful lots. Many view the Gables Estates as a living masterpiece of art. Existing in the finest community in the United States with like-minded neighbors and the perfect Florida weather. The landscaping, gardens and tree cover are like no other community within the area.

The area was first developed in the 60's by Arthur Vining Davis, who championed the art of luxury building. Arthur's goal was to create a living paradise for families through smart development, nurturing the incredible location and connecting the water to the land through a visionary plan. To this day, it is still looked upon as a development model for waterfront communities. Truly a timeless vision that continues to grow even more beautiful with the each new modern addition or home style.

The amenities within Gables Estates are outstanding and worth of its impeccable status. The twenty-four-hour security and active monitoring of the development provides a tremendous piece of mind to residents, offering a calm and happy feeling of positive energy everywhere. Gables Estates Club membership is mandatory for any new owner to join. This Club acts as the governing board of the community and protectors of beauty and quiet enjoyment for residents. The Club has powers that are similar to co-ops that are common in New York City and the Northeast with a relatively strict membership standard that meant to approve only the most desirable applicants. Justin Bieber, you would be out of luck with this board.

Homes in Gables Estates range in an abundance of architectural and design styles. Whether you are looking for a classic Mediterranean style or feel more like a sleek and modern-styled home, the indoor /outdoor lifestyle present is simply intoxicating. With some of the most beautiful pools that you have ever seen, it's easy to fall in love with both the house and the lot. It's no wonder that so many of the properties are landscaped with lush gardens and pools that are hotel quality. This incredible beauty makes residents want to keep their homes for the long haul. In fact, it is relatively rare for new homes to come onto the market. Such is life in a highly sought after community.

The backdrop of Coral Gables offers an ultra-convenient lifestyle that was one of the very first planned communities within the South Florida area. The city is known for its classic Mediterranean style of architecture throughout its communities. With downtown Miami, the Miami International Airport and the Performing Arts District all only 15 minutes away, the location is outstanding. Gables Estates offers the perfect balance of privacy, security, and elegance while offering incredible convenience with the big city culture only minutes away. Discover your perfect residence today. We stand ready to assist you with any question that you may have. Review the listings above and contact us to arrange you private showing tour.

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