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795 nw 52nd st
795 NW 52nd St, Miami, 33127
Year: 1947 Beds: 3
Sq.Ft: 5,187 Baths: 1/
Price: $189,900
4847 nw 12th ave
4847 NW 12th Ave, Miami, 33127
Year: 1963 Beds: 3
Sq.Ft: 4,680 Baths: 1/1
Price: $187,000
1160 nw 60th st
1160 NW 60th St, Miami, 33127
Year: 1953 Beds: 3
Sq.Ft: 4,900 Baths: 1/
Price: $175,000
5116 nw 11th ave
5116 NW 11th Ave, Miami, 33127
Year: 1920 Beds: 2
Sq.Ft: 4,200 Baths: 1/
Price: $169,900
1160 nw 55th ter
1160 NW 55th Ter, Miami, 33127
Year: 1949 Beds: 4
Sq.Ft: 12,380 Baths: 3/0
Price: $159,000
1119 nw 51st ter
1119 NW 51st Ter, Miami, 33127
Year: 1938 Beds: 4
Sq.Ft: 8,400 Baths: 2/
Price: $155,000
1034 nw 37th st
1034 NW 37th St, Miami, 33127
Year: 1926 Beds: 4
Sq.Ft: 5,800 Baths: 2/
Price: $150,000
1148 nw 58th ter
1148 NW 58th Ter, Miami, 33127
Year: 1930 Beds: 3
Sq.Ft: 5,680 Baths: 1/0
Price: $150,000
1190 nw 57th st
1190 NW 57th St, Miami, 33127
Year: 1945 Beds: 4
Sq.Ft: 8,012 Baths: 1/0
Price: $150,000
790 nw 60th st
790 NW 60th St, Miami, 33127
Year: 1945 Beds: 4
Sq.Ft: 4,165 Baths: 2/
Price: $145,000
1001 nw 42
1001 NW 42, Miami, 33127
Year: 1939 Beds: 2
Sq.Ft: 0 Baths: 1/
Price: $145,000
279 nw 57th st
279 NW 57th St, Miami, 33127
Year: 1948 Beds: 2
Sq.Ft: 7,100 Baths: 1/
Price: $129,000
1054 nw 41st st
1054 NW 41st St, Miami, 33127
Year: 1928 Beds: 4
Sq.Ft: 5,400 Baths: 2/
Price: $125,000
3501 nw 11th ct
3501 NW 11th Ct, Miami, 33127
Year: 1928 Beds: 0
Sq.Ft: 6,950 Baths: 0/
Price: $122,500
5525 nw 12th ave
5525 NW 12th Ave, Miami, 33127
Year: 1958 Beds: 2
Sq.Ft: 11,105 Baths: 1/
Price: $114,900
431 nw 43rd st
431 NW 43rd St, Miami, 33127
Year: 1936 Beds: 4
Sq.Ft: 2,360 Baths: 2/
Price: $112,000
5715 nw 11th ave
5715 NW 11th Ave, Miami, 33127
Year: 1929 Beds: 2
Sq.Ft: 5,050 Baths: 1/
Price: $110,000
1164 nw 61st st
1164 NW 61st St, Miami, 33127
Year: 1935 Beds: 3
Sq.Ft: 5,300 Baths: 1/
Price: $110,000
775 nw 44th st
775 NW 44th St, Miami, 33127
Year: 1948 Beds: 3
Sq.Ft: 5,665 Baths: 2/
Price: $95,000
5708 nw 11 avenue
5708 NW 11 AVENUE, Miami, 33127
Year: 1955 Beds: 2
Sq.Ft: 5,235 Baths: 1/
Price: $88,000
5708 nw 11th ave
5708 NW 11th Ave, Miami, 33127
Year: 1955 Beds: 2
Sq.Ft: 5,235 Baths: 1/0
Price: $85,000

About Wynwood Miami Real Estate

Hip, cool and trendy. This community has rapidly blossomed into the place to be for trendsetters and jet-setters alike. Wynwood Miami Real Estate has exploded onto the scene as the most exciting place to be in all of South Florida. Just ten years ago the community barely had any identity at all, but that all changed when the artists came into to the neighborhood and transitioned industrial type real estate into the wide open spaces that were perfect for art studios and exhibitions. The area just kept gaining more and more momentum with each passing year, while the world famous Art Basel event (which is headquartered in Wynwood), exploded in popularity amongst the uber-affluent trendsetters of the world. Today Wynwood Miami real estate is a very hot commodity. Single family homes can still be purchased at a great value. Real estate experts feel that it is just a matter of time before these properties get completely remodeled by new waves of buyers looking to capitalize on a rarity, a spacious single family home in the middle of one of the most trendy regions of America that are ripe with abundant day and night entertainment and dining options.

There is no doubt that the neighborhood is cool. In fact, a recent survey conducted by one of the nation's largest commercial real estate firms ranks Wynwood Miami real estate as burning up the ranks of the one hippest areas in the United States. The street art is nothing short of spectacular and can be seen virtually anywhere down the main boulevards of the area. It is a magnet for the millennial generation that is drawn to the uniqueness and plethora of happening bars and great places to eat. One can look no further than the Wynwood Walls to see one of the great tourist hubs as a must-visit spot for any trip to Maimi. Celebrities and models just love the brightly colored art backdrops for a variety of impromptu photo shoots, Instagram, and snap chat session. Panther Coffee is a local institution for those wishing to relax and take in some of the best coffee in Miami while checking out the attractive, artsy crowd passing through day and night. There is practically year round events on the weekends with special DJs performing near the walls. The area springs to life in the evening in a similar fashion to the best areas of South Beach. In fact, Wynwood is the anti-South Beach. It's the non-pretentious, just be cool being you, spot of Miami.

The available homes for sale in Wynwood Miami are still offered at a steep discount to the waterfront communities directly to the East and North East. Just about every single family home is priced under one million dollars, and there are many in the surrounding areas that can be acquired for under five hundred thousand dollars. It's an age of renaissance for Wynwood, like no other community in the City of Miami has seen in quite some time. Wynwood house rentals are also quite popular with the homes near the main strip (NW 2nd Ave ) being the most desirable out of the mix. All in all, you can't go wrong buying into Wynwood with a patient eye for the future. It is just a matter of time before the area rockets up further in price. It's the natural ebb and flow of real estate development. Browse our listings about and contact us today to arrange your private showing of the best houses on the market. We often even have some homes for sale that are not publicly marketed by their owners. So, you'll be sure to see every available option on your tour. Find your perfect new home today!

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